Woke up with bruises

Okay so about 6 hours ago I woke up from the living room NO BRUISES . & walked into my bedroom and went back to sleep. I just woke up shortly ago with 2 bruises on my arm . They HURT too…

I showed my 5 year old & my 3 year old … and they BOTH said they saw a boy standing beside my bed trying to wake me . Then my oldest daughter said he had dirty thumbs & when he left he had wings … and flew back to heaven .

Any ideas ?? Whoever this was - was really tryna tell me something bc these bruises hurt and are dark af.


@AshtaNoe Please be aware that you cannot offer to do magick for others on the forum, even in PM. We have a rule here prohibiting such until you have been an active member for a minimum of 90 days, and you have been here only 30. This rule apples to readings, channelling, ritual, and anything else you may offer to help someone.

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