In the OAA material in the complete works, many of the initial exercises relate directly to stimulating the chakras… but the chakras are not mentioned in the ‘works of darkness’ or ‘evoking eternity’ pathworking. Ive been doing chakra work lately, but will I be at a disadvantage if I only concentrate on WOD or EE?

I only found out myself recently, originally believing it to be hippy new age bullshit, but chakras are actually reaaaaaallly fucking important. Hah, who knew!?!?!?!

Dear Brutus,

GREATTTTT post! I recently decided to do the OAA material as my main Occult daily practices. So, in the morning after yoga and after about 20min of meditation…OAA.

These are my foundational practices. Then for 3 nights a week (3 - 4 hours) I’m working through WoD.

So far in theory & in practice this is working for me. I also took into consideration the time that I can honestly dedicate, my working space, etc. This is what I found for me that seems to be working. Know, I don’t have enough tread underneath me to say “hellll yeah this REALLY worked for me” because it’s too soon.

With that being said, I know from past experience and even recent experience (especially after I got TCW) that you can NEVER go wrong with focusing on just ONE text or set of exercises. You can always change later.

I don’t think you are going to be at a “disadvantage” in you only concentrate on WoD or EE. I think you may want to consider the following in order to assist you in making a decision. This is what I sort of had to answer when in this same situation:

  1. What are my goals/purpose right NOW…in the immediate future? 3-6months?

  2. Do I/am I in a position to dedicate the time/resources to whatever Workings I’m “thinking” about doing? Just because I “think” that WoD may be a great idea right now…it may not. I may have to take care of mundane business first (for example) and then move onto WoD.

  3. What’s truly in my heart? Why do I really want to work WoD, EE, etc?

For me, I came to the conclusion that I really want to build a extremely wide & deep foundation of Raw Occult Power, that will complement my already existing Disciplines of Ascent of Iyengar Yoga & Theravada Buddhist Meditations. I assessed that the OAA material not only is complimentary to WHAT I’M ALREADY DOING but will really deepen my Power. Again…I’m speaking for me and where I’m at NOW…to get me to where I want TO BE!! Does that make sense my friend?

Now, if I keep doing what I’ve committed myself to, I should have a pretty strong current of Power…now what?

Enter WoD. with an honest self-assessment I want to deepen and build my Raw Occult Power, then I need an “outlet” for it. And from what I can see in WoD this will also sharpen up my Magick Skills.

As redcircle mentioned to me “The OAA materials stand on their own”.

I’m just speaking for me here: I believe that EE will come “easier” for me after I’ve covered all my Occult bases - OAA & WoD.

I hope this helps friend!

Chakras are interdimensional energy portals. They are what allows your physical consciousness to connect to higher realms, so yeah, they are very important. Work with your chakras, balance and activate them properly and yoi’ll see a huge improvement in your magick. That’s the case for me and actually every other magician I know personally.

While the OAA material can be used as a complete system in itself I find it compliments the individual works, you can see the progression from WOD to EE in the OAA material which makes sense considering they were the exercises EA used and later wrote about in his books to one extent or another. This is The reason I chose to start at WOD since the OAA material more or less starts there.

If your new to magick or at least this kind of magick I think WOD is the place to start. If your already competent at candle and sigil magick as well as scrying then Evoking Eternity would be the logical place to start.

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