Wives of Gods and Demons

I live in a big city in Canada, and every so often, one of my Guardians will point out an attractive woman and say to me quietly (and with me just knowing that what they say is true) “this is one of my wives.”

It seems that the Powers of Hell (some whom I communicate with often and my telepathic abilities with them are decent, as I am able to discern imposters and other spirits too) are polygamous, mostly.

I am female, and sometimes I get real jealous, and start to emotionally distance myself from my spirit husband. I don’t really get mad and yell at them. But it hurts them all the same, as my spirit husband/Incubus came to me earlier today and talked to me a bit about this.

So for those of you who have spirit husbands or wives (or both) how do you deal with jealousy when you see another wife of your spirit spouse? What worked for you? I don’t want to leave my husband and I am willing to get the jealousy under control to thrive as a person and a wife of a demon, making our relationship grow stronger and better.

Thanks for reading.


Pretty much. This also applies to non-demons.

I’m not married to a spirit per se, but I am in a relationship with one. The important thing is to not look at it like a human relationship. Also, you have to learn to accept that spirits are going to have more than one lover usually.


Having a partner is like a business exchange. Ideally, you both get something out of it.
But, first of all, love means different things to different species. Love is basically a primordial force of integration and bonding, and by bonding I mean cosmic-alchemical bonding between agents.
For organic species that means connection in mind, in emotion, in spirit, and, depending on the culture of the person this manifests differently. We see that even here on earth just with humans, but when you take other species into account as well it becomes something totally different in the way the mechanisms of behavior manifest.
Lots of fae and demonic creatures feel love as more of a possessive thing. Humans have that too, but with fae it seems especially pronounced. “I love you so much I’ll never let you go” becomes a literal statement, and they’ll damn well put you in a steel cage in a state of hypnosis over it if you’re not careful.
Other beings such as the ones I am affiliated with most, view love as more of an integration principle. “I love you so much I want to become one with you” is more appropriate. Oh, yah, almost forgot, dragons do that too. Third eyes were built for thay sort of thing.
Romance, faithfulness, love, dependability, everything a human wants in their relationship. But, with interspecies relationships, those words have different definitions and entail different things.

In terms of spiritual polygamy, remember how I said relationships are like business exchanges? Well, having many wives allows a being to ground their power. Women make great anchors and subconscious-system-managers. It’s so common for spirits to have many wives because it’s powerful. You get stuff out of it as well though. Marriage is a good way to move up in spiritual rank if you can pull your weight.


I didn’t really have this issue with my first. I knew I couldn’t be the only, but wasn’t here at Balg when she asked me about it. Didn’t know it was a thing, but logic said there would be others.

There are some that I am the only for, as far as that arrangement goes. Some were already married according to myth. Some, it was an alliance. Others, I’m unsure.

It’s more of a partnership than any kind of ownership with me and mine.


There is really no reason why I should think about the other partners; I don’t live together with these people (like in a really bad MTV dating show) and I don’t have to interact with them either. My thoughts about potential other partners are watered down to zero these days (it was a slightly different thing in the very beginning and it made me consider to not engage into such a relationship).

The benefits of our relationship outweighs by far the “one and only” - mindset (which is totally human and understandable) and to my own surprise this relationship has done more for me and my personal development already than any other interhuman relationships in my life.
I am also free to choose my partners as well, so it is a fair deal.


I don’t really think about them either. Their existense does not make my relationship any less valid.
Nobody has the same relationship with him, every relationship is different. Therefore my relationship is unique.
I agree with @A_Pariah that the benefits for me have been so incredibly good that I don’t have a reason to doubt.


When you’re a spouse to a powerful demonic-entity or a being that is known to have many wives, I understand, personally, from a human aspect why seeing another wife of theirs can be off-putting or can uproar jealousy no matter how much you try to ground yourself.

First and foremost when you enter a spiritual marriage with a being that has more spouses you must learn to understand and throw away all concepts you have learned from human-relationships; many are not applicable to spiritual relationships—just do not make sense to them as much as it does to us.

You should know that your relationship, and yours alone is VASTLY different and unique from their other relationships; the same can be said for their and their other spouses relationships. I’ll use Azazel as an example. If I were married to Azazel; The Azazel I know and grew to love and marry and learn from is my version of Azazel. MY BOND with him. It cannot be replicated. Each stories you read from other spouses of Azazel or other demonic kings from example are different most of the time. That alone, should make you some-what feel better.

There is no reason for you to care about his other relationships—it is of no benefit to you. Understand what you have with your spouse is special. It is for you, only. It is private matter and a personal bond; thus why you chose to get married.

Since you’re in a spiritual marriage where it’s not only just about ‘love and lust’, but mainly (i cannot stress this enough) to WORK on yourself with your spirit husband. It is more about self-improvement and progress in your life and path. You must communicate with your husband. When you get like this you must understand that REASSURANCE can go a LONG WAY. Talk to them AND ask them for REASSURANCE. No one here can make you feel as better than your own spiritual spouse; the one that knows you LITERALLY inside and out.

Any spiritual relationship you’re in, requires for you to be raw, emotional and to work on your attitude, lifestyle, bad habits, motivations and goals.

You must remind yourself that this is not a human relationship. This by far extends any human connections and simply feeling of wanting to be “the one and only” does not apply. You are still their wife. You are still as important to them as any other of their spouse. They will never make you feel less when you’re not nor will they ever give you any less attention than they do to any other of their spouses. There is not a hierarchy that they are placing their spouses on. You are all as important and your bond with them is DIFFERENT, UNIQUE AND RAW. That is why one spouse is experience with Azazel would be different than my relationship with him.


Don’t worry about their other human relationships. I was talking to 3 of Lucifer’s human avatars. 2 literally at the same before.

Do you think I get jealous of his other wives? Fuck no.

I know our relationship. And our connection. You have to be secure within your self first. I know I am the baddest bitch (in my own head).

He ALWAYS comes to me first. Not the other way around. I am his home. As is he is my home.

Just stay focusing on your own personal connection to your spirit. What they do outside of it doesn’t really matter. I have gotten jealous over my other self. It’s not fun. Just stay focus on your current self too.


Yep! Polygamy is common among spirits, not just demons.

I’m not married to him, per se, but I am in a relationship with Belial.

He once told me that you can’t treat a relationship with spirits as you would with humans. The rules are much more loose. At the very least, you need to accept that you’re not the first and probably won’t be the last person in his relationship.

The good news is that spirits tend to be really good at dividing their attention between lovers and still making you feel loved.


I thought I’d throw my two cents in. :slightly_smiling_face:

The way of polygamy in the spiritual realm was explained to me was to use the answering of prayers as a reference.
I was asked, “You wouldn’t be jealous of Archangel Michael answering prayers, would you?”
My answer is, of course not. And I know sex/romance/intimacy is different from answering prayers, but within the realm of spiritual practice.

These entities/deities are beyond the time continuum, they can spend an eternity with you, me, countless others and it doesn’t take away anything from the moments you and your spouse are dedicating to eachother.

Another way to look at it is through the perspective of your own multiple lives.
For example, in this lifetime I love and am devoted to my human husband.
But I’m aware I’ve loved others in other lifetimes. My life with my current husband doesn’t take away from a life that I’ve had with another spouse/lover.

And this may not be your kink but this works for me…

I love the idea that the entity I’m closest to is out there doing his thing, sexually blowing the minds of many. He makes me feel good when he’s with me… I love the idea that he makes other people feel good too.
This approach may or may not work for you.
Of course it depends on the day too. There is time for kink and a time for pure intimacy.

But as others have said already - you have unique relationship to your spouse.
You have a unique divinity that you’ve cultivated lifetime after lifetime… you possibly/probably have more than one life with this entity.
Be proud of the love you offer, it can come from you and only you. :black_heart:


This is very well put


Interesting point of view. I think that when you are in a relationship with a spiritual entity of any kind, (male or female, because for men it’s the same and get jealous too) you are with your own version of that entity.
For example: Those who have relationships with Lilith, have them with one of the forms of Lilith on earth, the particular form that suits the magical practitioner. The simbolic “mold” so to speak, belongs to the collective memory, and may have many “lovers” and followers. But your own version may only want to be with you, if you want It to be like that. This is common among deities, demons and famous entities: Belial, Naamah, Astaroth, etc.

And contrary to what many people believe, many ubi are monogamous, even from an exclusivist and jealous perspective. Perhaps because they are built in part based on the wishes of the magical practitioner, and are very mimetic with their way of life.