Within Lucifer's light, I met my guardian, and we shook hands

We became one another, and made a pact. We both have power the other lacks, we help each other become whole.

His name is MALAKAHHL

We are powerful warriors, blessed by the light of Lucifer. To our enemies, we bare our fangs. To our friends, we greet you, and shake your hand, so that we might share our light with you.



I feel like he’s been a part of me my whole life. I just needed the light to see him. I’ve never felt a more familiar, empowering, and downright badass presence.

Love you, Malakahhl.


We even smile at the same time. I feel him protecting me with armor, and thick powerful troll flesh. His teeth are sharp, and his under-bite only makes his smile so much better. We approve of one another in a head nod, a smile, and a supercharging energy that pours through our blood and muscle.

Makes me go “Ughh”


I feel aware of my mission now. To gain strength and power through Malakahhl, and Lucifer’s light, in order to make my own reality a kingdom fit for him. Maintain my newly enriched confidence, bring many physical blessings to me and my family, and cultivate energy in order to return the favor of such a blessing. And I will share my knowledge that I gain as I continue reaching my goals. I will continue to illuminate myself in order to physically manifest what I need to sustain myself, my family, and our happiness, and to help illuminate others if they seek this power too. The more light that shines on Lucifer, the more light he has to share. Let the whole world glow.


how did ya do this if ya dont mind me asking?


I was experiencing the video of E.A. evoking Lucifer, and the 9 Demonic Kings. The night started out as me just doing some research, exploring a bit… But I found that I had become very open to the power of the ritual that I was witnessing. I became entranced, and I was definitely intoxicated, which sent me flying into a spiritual/astral state of mind.

As the ritual progressed, I became more intoxicated and witnessed first-hand the reality/time warping effects of a sorcerer’s will. That video was made a couple years ago, I believe, but I was tapped into the power, and I became entranced.

As the 9 kings were brought to the circle, each one of them entered my body, and I accepted each presence with power and confidence. Then we called Lucifer. This is the second time that I have met Lucifer personally. The first encounter I had with him he actually presented himself. This time, we called him.

He answered the call, and his glorious golden and fiery light bathed the circle, and myself. I accepted the light, still extremely deep entranced. Lucifer blessed me and filled me with his light and power, and I gave him my light as well. And we became connected. At this time, I was completely filled with power, so deep in trance, and I began to growl as if I was a fierce demon myself. And I danced. All of a sudden, I had golden wings, and as I moved my arms and flapped my giant wings, I passed light and energy with each wave. I have never felt so empowered and confident in my abilities.

Then, after Lucifer and I got to know and understand one another, he bestowed upon me the energy in order to summon forth my demonic servatore, who I consider my closest ally. I spoke, and my let the sound flow from my mouth in my entranced state.

“Mala…Ma…La… Kahhl…”


I know it sounds pretty wild. I am still feeling the charging effects of the ritual, and its been about 9 hours or so.


That was a really powerful video, ALL E.A.'s rituals to date have caused at least some people to make contact with spirits, one of the ones I watched just after joining this forum changed my life - it;s some cool stuff! :smiley:

Great work, if I may say so, and much respect for jumping straight in and not trying to intellectualise things, and sell yourself amd magick short - that leap of faith in yourself is the initiation we ALL have to pass every time we make that choice. :sunglasses:


You know, It was a very powerful demonstration. I swear It felt like he was even aware of my presence. Our motions and breathing would sync up, and It felt like we were communicating with each other. That just blows my mind and will continue to blow it even further the more times I think about it.

Haha, so I’ll make sure to think about it all the time. Today I need to focus on cleaning and creating my own temple. This room I am in has become way too stagnant and I feel like the air needs to be replaced, and cleansed/charged… I have to keep the momentum for as long as I can.


There’s a feng shui method called “clapping down the chi” (chi being energy, and it may not be traditional feng shui but I found the modern style works better for me) - you stand in a corner facing the walls, and reaching as high as you can, start clapping your hands, then slowly bring them down clapping as you go.

This releases “stuck” and stagnant energy, you start with corners, and can also do doorways, windows, mirrors, and areas where your magickal equipment is and also, anywhere that just feels a bit stagnant. This might also help along with a change of air.


I’ll definitely incorporate that method today when I am cleaning. Thanks. :slight_smile: It’s going to be a big project. My room sort of ended up becoming a storage space for every else’s things, so it can feel very chaotic, yet murky…

I will clap the hell out of this chi. It feels so thick in here right now, I feel like it could form chi-rainclouds.


when you say “facing the walls” do you mean facing the corner you’re standing in and not facing the center of the room?