Witchy Frustration

Good afternoon to all
umm, let me start by saying that I have a very long history with divination. I like to say that I was gifted with it and that I have nurtured it through the years. I do divinations through runes and tarot, although as a follower of the volvas of the original Asatru faith, I rely primarily on Runes.
Having this gift has been very helpful but as of late its been absolutely terrifying. I am from Florida and I live near a paRticular naVy base.
I mourned for the lives lost and the families of those lost.
but this is why this gift is scary as hell. I jolted awake after haVing that cold electrical energy crackle through m body from head to toe. it was kind of like someone cracked an egg over my head. anyways I jolted awake at 3 AM that day with the awareness that something was going to happen, the dread that SOMETHING was happening. I texted my significant other and said something was gonna go very VeRy wrong today. And it did. 3 hours later the naVy base had an actiVe shooter who killed 3 and injured many others.
I was very distraught for the rest of the day. Needless to say, it has Ruined my weekend because I have spent the past two days have a witchy existential crisis. This gift is frustrating.


My 6th sense always seems to tell me when a loved one or pet is going to die. I get anxiety every time i feel it. The struggle is real!

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I can understand this, absolutely.

Sometimes, it’s hard to deal with your abilities, senses, especially when you feel like you don’t really wish that much effect on you and everything you need is “just” a little break. Then you have to face with the fact that there is no break for you because the world won’t stop, and because of that, you’ll sense and experience way more from this world.

I’m in a very hard period of my life as well. I’d really like to stay out from different kind of entities, spirits “visual range” pro tempore, but I can’t and because they pushes me so hard (while I’m too sensitive anyway) and they are so strong; I can’t. This isn’t an option for me. Of course, I should try to ignore these and live with it, but whatever state I’m in, I couldn’t left them behind even when things around me begins to be too much.

Balance, and it’ll be okay.


You all need to do some sort of practice to ground yourself. To be in your body. I do tai chi and chi kung. It really helps balance your body and energy flow. It calms and help me be sane to clear my mind. It don’t have to be the same activity i do. Something to ground you on a regular basis. Some people just do cardio or exercise.


Thank you. I think this is the message i needed.

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tai chi? ive heaRd it really really helps with grounding. do you have any suggestions going into it?