Does having witch/wiccan blood in you make you more natural for occult stuff?
(Apparently on my Mothers side, we descend from a Wicca coven, from what she has told me. She can also see aura’s, and apparently when she was pissed she summoned a storm, not to mention the shit with me lmao)


Wicca is just a religion you can choose to follow and has nothing to do with having the old blood.
Becoming Wiccan doesn’t magically change your ancestry.

If you’re fey you’re fey, you don’t have to ask. You tell us.


You may find this thread answers your question:


No, that’s correct, but practicing magic does change your body and DNA. So, you gain witchblood and your descendants do as well.


That makessense… but it does presuppose the Wiccan does some real magik, and enough of it… well beyond the type normal people do all the time anyway. I havn’t really met any wiccans that do, myself, andI’ve been les sthanimpressed at the level of magik talked about by Wiccans in genera, rightly or wrongly, so I feel that’s a bit of a crapshoot.

Not for the OP though - if his mum is fey he’s probably inherited it. I did, and my mum was Church of England. Just riding on old stock.


I tend to believe you are what you make yourself to be. Not your family or lineage. And ideologies that involve these things I think are a bit elitist.

Maybe blood may make a difference, but it doesn’t matter. Non-lineage magicians can supplement their work with studying and practice.

So my verdict is “It doesn’t matter either way.”


Yeah, my mom’s side of the family has magical blood, my mom and my grandmother both get visions and they don’t get sick.

So, @davethebarbarian one of my ancestors worked really hard to possess the power to receive secret knowledge through visions and the ability to self-heal, and I reap her hard work with innate benefits. My mom even cured her own Hepatitis C, which is supposed to be incurable. Now, I can build other abilities into our blood for my descendants.


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ea did a a video on this very topic interesting.