In the Witch of endor. The witch is never apprehended for murder.this is her secret story…finally found.

Trying to make the male look careful…he supposedly caught red handed by god, the woman.
The watchers are observing…quietly noting not much else but the cool night…occasional credit to secret unions who may or may not be required. The watchers look over the artificial bay…the protected floating cave that a tired king visits one night. What will the inhabitants inherit from his truth serum like concious. She hides upon his entry…she hides right infrobt! LUCKILY…the king is so …too honest…so wortheless he felt…so i, inhabited some bills and bought my way out…then let him be the witch. I returned back and decided to see him. I make for a alluring speck. One guy offers a drink, he tries to kiss my fake hands. A wart…I should of been younger with worts.
…is there a party on that
There might not be one outside. But it is inside. Its graduation season and the girls are freezing.
Real truth is split into an alternate dimension. Masterful. Now, I don’t have an idea, my library is full of LIES. whose got the books?
inhabiting! oh look a video about vomiting frogs.
" The Bible does not want to spend a lot of time…"
I exist in this thing. anything is reworkable.

The attention is finally stolen, he finds a familiar face. In a floating ocean cave…who writes these tales? Apparently he has a family… who has a whole family of a family of familiats who do reworkers. Recently he had been getting away from some negative parts of life (animal occupations…problems witha wonderful new purchase of dangerous plant seeds) I see him I am always surprised by him…cunning man he is. I had been uncertain about which direction I was supposed to be going in…when I saw hI’m he was with his aunt. last night the first thing she told me was she was thinking about leaving her husband. Wanted to use black magick aid it like it was a bad thing, because she understands the possibility of negative returning to her. I initiate him into what a drink should look like after the 2nd to last day of May.

The Night was loud, already multiple people came inside trying to ask for signatures. I witnessed a n intermediate more so happy whistling angel…the out of plays dna disregarded. Cleaners hiding in the photo of the ducks.
as other people started mixing around energy one individual began harassing me.
and I have identified an evil spirit who likes to have other people think to call it God.
The conversation went south with my mention of the "“light bringer”…then he told this, “ok…I promise this will be the last time i ask you to come to the light…I’ll leave you in the dark now” I put out a pentecostal cigarette …the bartender turned it into something else…something too good that shoukd have been put out and saved as proof. I still dreamed of retreating outside the bar where torn out bible pages that I ignored, botheted my futuretwo …they smoked outside too…and noted…what isnt right out hete? LUKE? I wonder what holds them? My old married selves knew something was a miss and decided to throw away because they were wondering what was bothering them. It was responsible.

Basically this tremendous force is what I would fear as primarily righthand path mind disregard. Invaders on their way out as if that was our only way?..I literally stayed in doors 3 weeks because it’s so bad around here…

That’s just some background…back to my meal. I forgot this wasn’t a date and heard voices. Disregard…but know that man has been around. Now he decided to initiate me into his own masterful misplacing of re adjustments. I was just amazed by the spread I found…he mentioned that he had never seen the danger card in the spot of hidden planets.
I ask if he wants another drink. He does…and I believe, as with most … there is a lot of stuff blocking things, he doesnt drink from it until 15 minutes later. The bartender is disapointed , her love potion only works if drank in 10. Absolutely does not …the free range talkers make things loud and Hide our shells and talks

The baseball talks about two out singles in the 5th…really what everyone is …here to take advantage of…they get to meet and visit with Willie Mays. Bouncing out to Freeman…Maxwell stranded. All the action belongs to the Braves.

As men drool and workers buy my drink…I wish i would of put off this meeting. I truly believe that is absolutely the worst idea to purchase…so i decide to burna book. Just one …write it from memory…and present it to him. Beforehand i drenched the vomit stain mixed wit pozza and removed …it had started to crawl.a fellow remared that he liked my wrist bracelet. …nearly ruining 75 percent of the text. He asks where i got it…I i tell him the truth…he also had nevee heard of a family where only the women were satanists. So I’d like to know of SIMILIAR to this …chantings to do to ease children…important during teething. How to use your finger to “shoot”…single tasking…, goddess, and the light. Is there ANY good ones that maybe just focus on the goddess?

I should drink… (mostly protection) so I’d like to hurry himalong with a good meal ans rip h apart. that could lead into introducing hI’m to the risks of devils threeway. He says his first wife was really his second but also was responsible for the last occurrence regarding the unmentionable one.
all that aside…what are the witch books out there or any other witch I may not be aware of.

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