Witch spirit can help with sales?

So I just got in contact with a reiki master and I am soon to become a Reiki healer lvl 1.
I am pretty good allredy with healing.
I healed some symptoms that well known doctors in Toronto could not tell what i had. They just prescribed me medication then my body got use to it and was no longer helping.
Even when I was a kid my parents would make me give them a massage because they felt my hands were absorbing their pain.
Even today when I have pain I just keep my hands in the area that hurts and the pain just slowly goes away and feeling better than other parts of the body.

So after I become a lvl 1 reiki healer I would like to make some money.
Witch spirit can attract people into my life and give me clients?
I would like a spirit that is good with beginners.
I never worked with any spirits before except my Spirit lover that she is around and I know she helps me with devination.

Also once I become a reiki healer I would like to make a new thread here and offer free healing for BALG members because the more I use this energy the stronger it becomes with me.

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile: :pray:


Any spirit of influence can bring you clients.

Personally, I like Acheron, the Angel of Influence, from Kingdoms of Flame.


Awesome! Thank you so much! I will start looking into spirits of influence and see who fits better to interact with me.

Hermes the god of merchants


Thank you so much :blush: :pray:
Is there a good book about the Hermes the God of merchants?

I don’t know about any books but:


First of all: congratulations! Is nice to make a positive change in the community and in the World, that is just wonderful! To make money in a new business, Mammon is an excellent spirit.

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Thank you for the kind words and the spirit suggested
:blush: :pray:

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I use a servitor for this. :woman_shrugging:t3: Cost me less in spiritual goods since I don’t do the whole building a relationship with every spirit I work with thing.


That’s actually a good idea! How’s it going for you?

@BeastCreature You can also use planetary hours of the Sun, Mecury, Venus & Jupiter. These planets are helpfull for increasing prosperity and wealth & business.

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