Wisteria Trees

The first thing i ever saw in the black mirror was a beautiful wisteria tree.

Those of you who use black mirrors do you ever see a wisteria tree. The tree symbolizes long life and immortality.

I didnt realize until a few days because they grow down here so ive seen them my whole life with out giving it much thought

They are growing in places on my way to work and almost all of the places i frequently visit. I see them popping up in youtube more and more. One of the reki videos for prosperity that i enjoy has a wisteria tree for the thumbnail.

Has anyone else seen this tree in the black mirror… or what things have you seen?

The one i see looks alot like this

The long vines …with pretty purple petals beckon to me… almost like a hand … motioning for me to come on in.


No but ive seen oak and willows.

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