Wishful thinking with results! what category is it under or as it is named?

Hey there.
Ive been studying the occult for a few years now but I’m not an actual practitioner, just very curious about the unknown & very open minded. Iv had 2 situations that resulted in wishful thinking. 1 was destroying someones life (I meant what I said but didn’t expect it to happen at all) that got in my way. It was a guy from work that was very spiteful, judgemental & arrogant. it got to a point that I had so much hate for him that I said to myself & others at work that " his mrs or baby gonna die" being pregnant at the time. Id just said it because of the hate I had towards him through his actions towards me. about a month after that his mrs had to get rid of the baby or she will die. The baby ended up dying anyways & they broke up. After that Id realise what iv done & decided not to create a chain effect to hurt innocent people related to the intended victim. lesson learnt for me. 2 was when I thought about the same process of the cause & effect from the first time. so I decided to wish for a flying companion (pet bird) using my emotions from having pet birds in the pass & under the influence of weed & alcohol I deeply thought of it & forgot about it by the next day. about 1 1/2 weeks later a beautiful female pigeon turned up on my back door step & has been with me for the last 5 years. My question is… is it just wishful thinking or dose it come under a certain category??

P.S I would like someone who can help me understand this, thanks