Wish you all the best and any Enlightenment/Ascendant/Awakening questions are welcomed

Enjoying the second day celebrating the Centenary of my birth country with a bottle of wine from 1982.

So i decided to share insights about Healing/Tantra/Awakening, as i master these fields of knowledge. Also a great deal on how reality works beyond the 24th dimension.

Best of wishes!


Let me give the Tone with this song hahaha

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This sounds interesting. Tell me about that. Thanks.

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I was alway curious about the topic of healing i dont know a single thing about it if you coud tell me more about it that woud be aweome.

In my expererience, everything is connected. One ca use the 6th sense to see with eyes closed, beyond a wall per example, astral projecting the 5 senses anywhere in the universe RL. Time/Space are very different from that point of view. The comprehension of every little detaill on every aspect of humanity, entities, myths, aliens, any sort of phychic abillities you can think of.
Invisibility per example, from the perspective of those who are dormant one can be invisible, because if you conquered the subconscious and know how to accelerate the body/mind through kundalini and breath, that acceleration in certan circumstances can make you invisible for the uninitited eyes, literally speaking. Is the opposite effect of stopping time, when an object move very quickly it looks at it was freezzing. So the opposite happens when one accelerates the magnitude of his being. The most awesome is immortality and know how to rejuvenate the being and reverse aging, i’d say is the most rewarding in this journey of discovery.


Once we Awaken the organs in us, we can use them at will, as like muscles. We sycronize them in certain intention and position to work in a certain way. When they work in harmony with each other, the body start the growth are we where little and in consequence the healing process. This power can be used to heal or to kill, literally. Only Love can really kill at the end of the day :slight_smile:


Where did you learn this and where can I go to learn this? Thanks.

Breath, or you can ask Lucifer.


Thanks I’ll do both. :+1:

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Hi, I received a palm reading from this wonderful man in key west fl. He was the real deal!! He told me I was a powerful healer. I’m very new to this and diving in full force as I want to learn as much as I can. Are there any books you recommend I read? Any tips would be great. I’m starting a reiki course online.

There are no real books “do this exact technique or formula” in the public domain you can buy about healing.
The real information about it will come from art forms of any kind.
And the most important Breath and Awakening. Second to that is Demonology and the art forms in it.

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