Wish to increase my height by a foot

I am not a magician yet, but i would like to pursue a career in sports. I’m only 5’9, and that is and extreme disadvantage to me. I will always continue to study the works of magic, but i would like to make this my #1 goal. I know that thought takes form and the body responds to thought, however I am a little unsure how far it goes. Is there any entity, spell, hypnotizing, ritual that could help me attain a significant increase in my height?

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Side comment: Muggsy Bogues was 5’3" in the NBA.



No shit. if you’re not going to add something useful then don’t bother commenting.

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Say HI here. [url=http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/new-magician-help/introduce-yourself-to-members-of-the-forum/]http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/new-magician-help/introduce-yourself-to-members-of-the-forum/[/url] before posting again desmonX its the from rules.and maybe start doing lots of yoga…works very well for Dhalsim.

Good fucking luck with that!

No one I’ve ever heard of has been able to do anything like that.

If you are still growing maybe you could increase your eventual height by a couple of inches or something with the combination of magick and the right diet.

You have unrealistic expectations for someone who is a beginner at magick,

You need to start small - it would be easier for you to manifest situations in your life to become wealthy than to gain a foot in height.

Maybe you should pursue Mixed Martial Arts? Your height won’t matter if you are fighting in the lower weight divisions.

Whoa, someone has a stick up their ass!

The reason you’re not getting responses that you consider to be valid is because you are asking to physically grow in height. A person’s height is determined by how long their femur bone is and other bones in the leg and thigh. You would literally have to reactivate the growth of your leg bones in order to grow in height and to my knowledge, so far, no one has figured out how to do this or maybe they have but they consider it to be too risky for health reasons.

Why you do think there is not already a medical branch out there that specializes in human height and can offer short people a surgery to grow to the height they desire? With our medical knowledge, and the fact that doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies love coming up with new surgeries and medicines that they make profit from, by now if this were possible I imagine it would already be a well known thing and rich people would already be paying for growth inducing prodedures.

Now, there are ways of enticing the bone into stretching beyond its limitations with use of metal rods, for people who are born with one leg significantly longer than the other to the point it impedes their ability to learn to walk properly but other than that, nothing I know of. So what makes you certain that a demon or a spell can magickally manipulate your leg bones into growing longer? You got the responses you got because your question seems somewhat irrational.

Don’t come asking for advice for problems that have improbable solutions and expect everyone to hold your hand and provide answers for something that the majority would see as most likely impossible (i.e. using magick to make your bones grow when doctors haven’t even discovered a scientific way to do this yet safely).

I may not have the answers you desired but at least I attempted to make a real response instead of just leaving a one-line sarcastic remark so if my answers are not to your liking I would advise that you wait for someone else to respond that may actually be helpful or start doing some in depth research online within the medical and scientific forums as well as other magickal forums to see what other people have to say. At least I gave it an honest shot and I didn’t have to take my time to do so.

It would not be wise of you to speak to some of the others here on this forum in the same way that you responded to Narius, just saying…

You hit the nail right on the head there RavensAscent.

desmonX - There isn’t any reason why you can’t work on using black magick to make your height no longer something blocking your success.
Fedor Emelianenko was a MMA heavyweight that beat all the best in his prime back in PRIDE FC. He was smaller than all of his opponents - his will was that strong he found a way to beat them.

If you have a strong enough will for something you can accomplish great things.

Rack (torture) - Wikipedia ? It can make one taller by a foot…but the other effects are not so great…other then that get to know BAAL, he’s good for physical strength and power.

As they’ve stated,growing in height is risky business.Physical shapeshifting is possible,but requires more power than most on this forum(including ME!) have.And it can have other side effects,medical ones.

I’ve read that that’s a problem when shapeshifting to fix physical abnormalities.Changing the body greatly means creating entirely new skeletal systems to support the entirely new morphology and physiology,whereas fixing a crooked nose for example,hurts a lot more because it forces new morphology on a system that was not meant for it.

There are probably other things that can be done.Depends on the sport you wish to get into,but height may not be as important as refining some of the 7 motor skills,each of which have a spirit behind them.

The thread below contains a lot more advice on how sports and magic interact:


Not to mention,glamours that make you look taller,and circumstantial magics that make it easier to work within your field without actually needing to be tall.

thank you all. i appreciate the honest responses and links.

The belief of the magician drives the magic,and also limits it.The Common Observation is that these things are impossible,and as such,they will be impossible.Deprogramming from idea,especially as an adult,requires so much more than JUST saying it outloud and wishing it.

It often requires a period of isolation of at least 90 days,wherein the idea of biological manipulation and/or shapeshifting is accepted as real and possible.Even when accepted as possible,it’d have to be refined.Just because you know it’s possible to ride a horse,doesn’t mean you’re El Zorro.Upon conquering the first obstacle,you must then have power.

The kind that takes these unrealistic astral effects and pushes them into the physical.And power isn’t innate,for the most part.Innate power should and must be fully discovered but so much of it must be learned,mastered,killed for,etc. to reach a level like that.

Of course,these abilities come more naturally to some than others.Getting things,comes more easily to me than making things happen,but it is different for some reason,who have more proficiency in the astral and bringing the astral stuff back here than they do manipulating what is here and now.Everyone has the potential for greatness in magic,and everyone is an unconscious magician at some point or another.

There are perfectly mundane people more powerful than me,more powerful than I ever could be in one lifetime alone.

Bending and breaking the laws of probability and causality is,then,so much easier than breaking and bending the laws of science,simply because these things are set in stone.Based on mathematics(which is universal and very real),and observations.But these laws are still subject to the laws that govern magic,which is the metaphysical laws,as laid out in the Kybalion.

But it’d take greater pushing for something like that,and a lot more energy than is necessary,as the same result can be achieved through easier means.

so what is your suggestion? i would like to here the hard way and the easy way? Also your opinion on which is most effective.

look tom cruise is so short,and jean claude vandame,i did try a book,i buy in a magazine call fredom magazine,its is a conspiracy booklets,free,but has a 20bucks book,cAll how to grow inches to you height,basically u do a morning exercise,of stretching,yoga,and 20mnts positions, can add 1-4inches tall,u should chk it,the conspiracy booklet or site is freedom total o smtng,book is call how grow a few inches more,just google,im 5:5,used yo be,5:3

As for myself I have been able to see changes in my height from doing various physical exercises but that is only about half an inch, not even close to a foot, although that was incidental, and not part of my goal.

Practically speaking, if you decide that you want to achieve a goal, and then decide that you will only approach it in one specific way, that is going to limit your options.

One of the main uses for magic that I have seen is to pursue and achieve goals that are not conceivably possible by any known means. I understand that this applies to growing a foot in height. However, you could take it a step further and consider, what would you use that height for? What is this height supposed to allow you to achieve that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise?

These questions are not to deter you from your goal, but to refine your clarity of the end result you’re seeking.

Anything is possible with the appropriate level of mastery and understanding.

What you are talking about is physical shapeshifting. I do believe some people can do this, however you will never see it advertised.

Also, at that level of mastery of physical manipulation, there is utterly no need for money, or fame. Your understanding of the universe and the nature of reality would be beyond 99.999999%+ of the people who have ever lived. Sports, would concern you about as much as, I dunno, the actions of a fruit fly picked at random from the annals of history. I mean seriously… you have basically mastered the physical universe and its manipulation… what care would you have for sports?

I agree with BB44. In order for someone to do things that can reshape their body or defy our modern laws of physics and gravity one would first have to learn how to master particle and dna manipulation. And as BB44 said, if you can actually study and learn all of these techniques and spend the amount of time, dedication, and energy it would take for you to truly master these manipulation abilities, by then you would be so freaking advanced that you wouldn’t even care about the mundane aspects of life like money, sports, relationships because you would be so advanced you could literally manifest whatever you want when you want it, and at that point money, bad ass cars, awesome careers would be boring to you because you’ve already been there done that.

People who are that advanced have become so enlightened, so connected with the source and their inner selves, that they most likely would not feel the need to be concerned with mundane matters. So, by the time you get to the level of mastery that is needed to alter your body you probably won’t even care about sports anymore, just as BB44 said and I agree.

I’ve been doing magick for 19 years, since I was a child and I still haven’t even reached that level of ultimate mastery, I don’t think anyone here on this forum has. I just recently learned that this level of mastery is real and can be achieved, so I’ve only been working towards this highest level of mastery for the last few years and I imagine it will take me another 15 years of constant dedication to reach the level where I can manipulate dna, make things appear from thin air, levitate, teleport, etc. Hell, may even take longer than that. I spent most of my childhood years just learning all the different magickal systems and paths.

Hi Desmonx, please take a minute to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks!

As to your question (and “mod hat” off now!), I’m going to quote below something I wrote in response to when another member of this forum asked why magick can’t make a severed limb grow back, because I think it covers the same kind of stuff as you’re asking - please note this isn’t me saying I know everything every magician is capable of, I think there are levels of magick and at one level, the normally impossible, the “miraculous,” DOES become achievable, but I don’t think most of us are there yet in terms of reliable replicable changes.


Why would you believe medications can do these things, even though you’ve no doubt heard of people whom pain medications don’t work on, and people for whom even the best cancer treatements failed?

You’re being very selective here and asking magick to jump through hoops you don’t expect the physical verifiable sciences to jump through.

Once again, that’s the thiung some people do on here - saying magick “has to be” X, Y and Z criteria you made up, or it can’t be real.

Try that same thing on a forum for musicians, car mechanics, or trainee medics and see how far it gets you! :wink:

Has anyone seen healings such as an arm growing back? If not, is that type of thing unreasonable?

I should think so, because magick usually works to make the improbable, but possible, happen - for example it’s improbable that a tumour would cease growing, but NOT impossible, it’s improbable that male-pattern balding will reverse, but not impossible - those mechanisms DO exist.

But I’m not aware of any biological mechanism that exists for a limb to grow back in a human, so that human would have needed to leave behind low magick (which coerces probability) and be on the literally godlike level of altering manifest reality.

I think someone on that level could do it, but they’d have the problem of all the people who observed the person not having their arm, and honestly, that’s a bit of a muddle, they’d have to create a kind of new reality/take the cosmos into their own heads and edit it, first.[/quote]

Desmonx-I was the person to whom Lady Eva responded to in her quote above. She and Ravens Ascent have done wonders to help keep my expectations high without going off the deep end and believing in “Harry Potter shit” (to quote a Palo priest, ha). Anyhow, start small and set tiny goals (like meeting new business contacts or finding 10 dollars in the Home Depot parking lot and folded a certain way). I have manifested the 1st but not yet the second. I will be happy when that happens because it rises above chance. Keep us posted.

Okay this is the UN-helpful bit: acquire the godlike powers outlined above, and then actually MAKE yourself grow an extra 12 inches, and the entire mass-observed gangfuck we fondly call “reality,” not have any problems with that nor block it, and then you’ll get what you want.

That’s the hard way because of the work involved. :slight_smile:

Now, to what i think might be more useful:

...and the easy way? Also your opinion on which is most effective.

IMO the easy way would be to open up opportunities for yourself that suit where you’re at right now with your height - for example send out an intent for some new breakthrough athlete to appear who’s your height and stuns the world, opening it up for other people with the same frame.

It may seem ridiculous that “make me grow 12 inches” is classed as “godlike” whereas “make another athlete pave the way” isn’t, but there are so many more probable routes towards manifesting that (manifesting is a word that’s got a bad rap from the newage/The Secret folks, I’m just using it to mean “make things happen”) that it’s actually more probable that you could achieve it IMO - you can read my current thoughts on probability in magick here if you want.

There are examples in every field of endeavour, of how a person with unlikely stats or background broke through and then made it easier for other people to follow.

Okay that was “Stage 1.” :slight_smile:

Stage 2, is get as much occult help as possible from spirits to build yourself up, firstly by using your already-existing capabilities, maybe by altering gene expression and harmonising all your bodily systems with optimal diet, and ruling out any minor-level food intolerances etc.

If “food intolerances” makes you think of neurotic scrawny people in Whole Foods, let me tell you I thought the same until I took a chance on eliminating all gluten from my diet, which I genuinely thought at the time was utter bullshit and only did it because some friends I trusted kept saying “give it a go.”

That helped to CURE (as in, gone forever) the lifelong, diagnosed clinical depression I’d first been diagnosed with as a kid, also changed how my hair and nails grow for the better, and changed the extent to which i got PMS, sugar cravings, every bloody thing. So I’m just saying, it’s possible for a small change to be life-changing. :slight_smile:

Secondly, once you’ve dug down into how to make the body you have perform at its kick-ass best, you need to work on the psychological side of things - I know sports psychology is a recognised thing and I won’t go on about that, except to say I recommend adding EFT (also known as “tapping” - lots of free and good info online) to your regime.

Add tapping for “even though my body isn’t as tall as I need it to be” and all sorts of other statements, the systems described will show you how, and also tackle the smaller areas, like “even though people overlook me in my chosen field because of my height” etc.

I say “try it on everything” because even though it’s not my main thing in life, I have had amazing and dare I say magickal results when I deployed it, it seems to sometimes open up gateways of probability that you might not otherwise have happened across.

Finally, on the “easy way” side (yeah not that easy! :P) is this - scientists and doctors STILL don’t actually know shit, so, this is your time to discover some new system, method, or whatever that gives you the edge and yet still works within those bitchly laws of probability and mass-observed nonsense.

Think I’m making this up? :slight_smile:

No sir - scientists just discovered a new body-part, in the knee (not hidden away on the brain or anything - they were literally looking right at it whenever they sat down to watch TV) - http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/11/06/your-knee-bones-connected-to-your-what-scientists-discover-new-body-part/

That’s not just one random page, if you type new body part knee into google, you’ll find pages of results on that same discovery.

From November 2013!!

And, breaking in the news today, ‘Good’ cholesterol not always good, study suggests - there’s also a more light-hearted look at this area of new discoveries (of one would think bloody obvious things) here: http://www.cracked.com/article_22180_5-insane-things-we-recently-discovered-in-human-body.html

Now, I’m not saying this so you can magick up ways to make yourself grow overnight with 2 aspirin or anything (although obviously I’d like that for you!), but seriously, it’s to suggest that you ask the spirits (I’ll get to that) what pathways of remote probability exist, that science right now doesn’t know about, that can help you be the best.

I never thought to actually ASK spirits what would help me with my depression problems, and to be fair 50% or whatever was due to junk RHP programming, so maybe that was why people started to nag me about it, but whatever: my point is, if you ask, you may get, but if you don’t ask targeted questions with a mind OPEN to receiving answers that may make no apparent sense at first, then you might not receive the tiny “body hack” that gives you the edge.

Hey here’s another one - “resistant starch” (which you’ve probably heard of if you train) - that it’s metabolised differently, that’s a new discovery too: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-29629761

See what I’m getting at? Someone could have asked (prior to these being discovered, aka “mass-observed”) how to sort their stomach ulcers, back when all doctors believed they were due to stress, and been told to get antibiotics, which to most people would have seemed like lunacy, back when everyone “knew” it was stress and spicy foods alone which caused this.

Same with resistant starch, which right now people also think feeds certain bacteria in the colon that may be helpful in combating cancer, I mean it’s still all a work in progress and almost certainly won’t work for all people (nothing does) BUT, if some guy 25 years ago had asked “How to I avoid dying of colon cancer like my dad did?” and the spirits told him to eat cold baked potatoes on Wednesdays, and weekends, would he have listened?

I hope so.

But he wouldn’t have found one single respectable expert to back him up in this, in fact, they’d probably have told him he was a loon - evn if he left out the “I got this from spirits” bit!

So, this is what I have to say on this, long version, and to be honest I say it with a reasonable degree of confidence because what looked like “weird stuff” spirits told me, has come true - time, and time, and time again, ever since I was a little kid.

And (worse) I’ve ignored them to my peril a few times, and had major problems because of that, but you don’t need to worry about that right now! :slight_smile:

So, we need to get you hooked up with spirits (my term for all gods, demons, angels, elementals etc) - this is the last bit.

Do any “mythologies” appeal to you - like Greece, ancient Rome, the Norse goods, Indian or African, or American?

I mean there are too many for my lazy brain to do justice, but is there a mythology or lore that caught your fancy one time?

Do you feel you’d like to work with ancestral gods (makes no difference if you’re of many mixed genetic backgrounds, some may be more appealing than others)?

Do you want to say “F.U.” to mainbstream Christian/monotheistic religion, and work with Satanic, demonic, adversarial currents?

Or, be in harmony and work with angels, natural forces, whatever…

Or (finally) harness the power of your own mind to the maximum, create your own guide from your highest consciousness, and ork with that?

These are just the types of magick that await you, I’ve done pretty much all at different times, they’re ALL valid and will ALL get you results IF you commit to them.

Sorry for the essay but you’ve been very real replying on here and I respect that, and want to try and give you the best possible help I can.

But, please don’t let the fact I have the magic “Split Topic” button (aka am a moderator) make you feel you have to take me more seriously than anyone else, there are a lot of skilled magicians on here who do things a lot or a litle differently to me, and they will totally be able to help you as well. :slight_smile:

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