Wish me luck!

Hey all.

Tonight I’ll be performing my first couple of spells to get my ex back…

The plan it:
1- I’ll create a sigil of intent to get her love, charge it with sexual energy then burn it and blow it’s ashes east (she lives east of me)
2- perform a candle magic spell, charge it with my desire and command the spirits by the power of magic that I get her love back.
3- with the aid of a red candle and rose incense I’ll charge a sigil of sitri with my desire, chant his enn and ask him to break her current relationship and bring her back to me… in exchange I’ll offer him public praise and all the pleasures I’d be getting from her.

Wish me luck… Also any suggestions?


Good luck.


Sounds like a great plan! Tell us how it goes


Best of luck :+1:
Don’t forgot to put all your energy to it and believe that your magic will manifest your desires
that’s how magic works .


Thx all. What do you suggest I do with the sigil of sitri once I’m done?? Keep it in my wallet? Or burn it??

Also I just realized that I only have lined paper (the type u get in a note book) would that work or I need to get clear A4?


I think you should burn it to release that tension( your emotions that activated it) and release it to the world
burn, and watch that flying flames and imagine that all of the emotional investment you’ve placed on the sigil come to your reality like fairy dust.:laughing:
since its your first time
I would suggest using clear white paper A4 to draw sigil cuse the lines might end up distracting you when gazing at the sigil :worried:


I really hope this works out for you. Please keep us posted on the outcome!


So this is what happened so far:

Yesterday I made my sigil of intent, I put on some 4hz binaural music and started meditating on it… I could see the lines of the sigil flickering and changing colour (not sure if that’s just an optical illusion)… when I decided to charge it even further by masturbation my nosey roommate started making all kind of noise around the house… that totally got me out of the mood so I decided to leave it and try again the next day…

Today at work I was so close to texting my ex… and wasn’t sure that’s a good idea, I was standing in the middle of the street and didn’t know what to do… so I started chanting sitris enn, and felt a goosebump going up my body… I asked if he’s here and to give me a sign if he’s near by… I looked around and I could see the colour blue wherever I looked (again not sure if this is a sign or just my mind playing tricks)… I thanked him for being here and asked his advice on whether I should message her on not then I told him that I’m planning to call on him today and I’m planning to offer him some of my blood and hair, public praise, all the pleasures I’d be getting from her and to desecrate a church with my urine in exchange for him bringing my ex back…

Immediately after that I stopped having the urge to message her!! I thanked him and asked him to leave.

I came back home, finished charging my chaos sigil and then burnt it…

Now I’m waiting till night time to do the rest of the plan…


So, this is what I did tonight:

I lit up a candle and some incense, drew the sigil of sitri, played some 4hz binaural music and started meditating while looking at the sigil.

I could see the lines flickering, and the whole sigil getting distorted.

I started chanting sitris enn: “lirach alora vefa sitri” over and over. And I started calling “sitri come to me”…

I couldn’t feel any presence at first, so I repeated chanting the enn and calling on sitri to come.

Then I remembered that I read here that the spirits always come when being asked. But maybe I wasn’t so deep into TGS or that maybe my senses aren’t sharp enough to feel his presence.

I asked him to break her current relationship… and bring her back to me within a two weeks… in exchange I offered him public praise, my pleasures from her, some of my hair and blood (which I put on the sigil) and I told him I’d desecrate a church also.

I thanked him for coming and I burned the sigil…

Any thoughts??