Wise words of the day

I was sitting at home watching a movie scene of YouTube

In this scene the son was going to kill his father because of what he did to him as a kid and when the son showed up in his office while a meeting was going on. The father begged for his life and told his son that he could have his money and the trillion dollar and billion dollars companies he owned.

But the father thought he had attained TRUE POWER by earthly means he thought MONEY and having control over people and had friends in high places was POWER but he didn’t know his power was false earthly power.

Then His son showed him TRUE spiritual godlike power. The son was able too shape land and sea at his own whim and traverse the multiverse and engage in combat entire pantheon of beings and rotate entire worlds around him and shape the universe and multiverse at his own whim.

When his father seen this he knew what TRUE GODLIKE POWER look liked.

Moral of the story don’t chase and desire earthly things for they are puny material things. Stay on your magical path and ascended to true divinity and Godhood only seen in Hollywood sci-fi film.