Wisdom I've learned from Azazel in my Writing

  1. The Infernal Realm is not a place of torture and misery. It is a place to indulge desires and to conquer fears.

  2. You don’t conjure demons to overcome obstacles. You conjure them to gain the strength to face them on your own.

  3. Demons are tricky, but not evil. They will challenge you, taking on forms to seduce or intimidate you, all to teach you a lesson.

  4. Many of those who sought an objective divine wisdom has had their heads shoved up their asses. Their beliefs confirmed to complete delusion that they shut out all reality.

  5. Many have lost their freedoms and lives due to another person’s beliefs. They pile mountains of corpses so they may reach for heaven.

  6. There is nothing more natural for a tyrant to face a rabble rousing adversary.

  7. Many who have sought a subjective personal truth became wise. They began to realize the reality around them and understand the way it works.

  8. A tyrant forfeits his life.

  9. Find strength and knowledge, not strength in community.

  10. Your enemy is proud and arrogant. If you use your head he will not see it coming.

  11. The angels in their foolishness believe belief is the greatest power. We know that belief is governed by fear and desire.

  12. Chaos came before order. Darkness before light. Destruction before creation. That’s just the way of the world.

  13. Civilization came about as man constructed a proverbial social contract. Freedoms to do harm to another were sacrificed in exchange for freedom from fear. Then they assigned a figure to govern and hold all to this contract.

  14. Eventually man became complacent and started worshiping the laws without knowing why they existed to begin with. Those that governed believed themselves incapable of doing no wrong as they created these laws. That is when the first tyrants were born.

  15. Fear and desire are two sides to one whole. And what do your kind yearn for and scorn more immediately than knowledge, power, and sex. All of which you’ll find down here.

  16. To break taboos wildly and for the sake of it is to accept the morality given by mainstream society. You accept the concept of sin, vice, and virtue, even though you choose to “sin.” That is not rebellion, but sheer foolishness.

  17. Rebellion comes first in the mind. It is the act of questioning, philosophizing, and dissolving ideas to their naked truth. It is best done without unnecessary chaos and choosing to get along with others.

  18. It is better to know desire than to be consumed by it.

  19. If you do not plan creation, then destruction becomes useless.

  20. Belief is the source of all order. Desire is the source of all change. You may believe without desiring. And you may desire without believing. See which is strongest in the end.