Wisdom from the World lifestory

I ve been thinking lately of the world we live in and being a system that resolves around death and seeing soo many misfurtunes of people Ive came to the conclusion that this world is extreemly cruel. And that Death and The Creator of this game are the cruelst think of child raising in beauty and how your child will loose everythin to death. And even Death as our final outcome and Reward we yet live in misery in this world. Ive come to accept it all I think my soul died or a great part of it. Yet I am becoming a new being I myself btw am quite fortunate in this life even now but my thorn is inteligence. I came close to death in 1 month 4 times nearly died or became in a wheel chair and thought to my self that life could have never bee the same ever again. Even if I died all that I made until now would be it and would be the grandest things because no dreams of a future would exist in death only a new begining which would never bring the same time. I can not express the emotions I feel now but this song can

Yet my part in this life is leading me to sorcery which is a lonely path and one that leads to destruction. btw guys do not be rude to the spirits for yet in death we go to the underworld where the gods await us.

I am a young man and my generation I see is loosing all hope yet wisdom will be my strong pole. I feel that bad times are coming in the near future live everyday content with what you have as a man of 22 years of age Ive gone through soo much things that I feel as if I am an old man living in his final days or to the final days of my old spirit. I literary feel my soul died died 3 years ago I thought it would rejouinate but I think it wont Ive lost my joy and love and it is sad the bear in my photo I love only him. My only hope is in the Gods for the power is in their hands.

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You are half right. You are seeing only half of the picture, and I am not the likes that is going to tell you that there is beauty in the world and that you must see it.

I say it in a more objective manner; You need to destroy to keep yourself alive, and at the same time in your demise those that were going to be eaten will, instead, live.

An item lost on someone, is an item found for another.

Destruction implies creation, just as life implies death. How can you truly be awake if you have never gone to sleep? Open your eyes for you have been dead for billions of years :slight_smile:

Also, define intelligence. What is intelligence? Put a train of thoughts of what constitutes, for you, intellect. But think carefully because we often mistake intellect with doing hard things.

How about doing smart things, well what is smart? An alternative “innovative” way of doing things… well after a while of doing it, the process ceases to be smart. That is why we will never get rid of mediocrity, it advances alongside our techniques.

Our ability to process things? Well that is rather arbitrary too because we consider smart people who play chess well but not sport-people. Objectively speaking it is harder to process gravity than to play chess (which has been harder to program?). Just because its natural to you does not mean the process is not there.

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I had some bad energies around me :frowning:
Thanks to Hanuman its ok now
I lost my way sorry for this post

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Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to.

yes I did some rituals before 2 weeks it is maybe because of them I dont know didnt clear the place :slight_smile:
cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERD4CbBDNI0

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