Wisdom from Azazel and Lucifer Amaymon

Wlrds from Lucifer and Azazel during possession.

Lucifer Amaymon
“We are here not to trick and dismay. We are here to give you the wisdom to become the gids that you were.
And returning.
Then the cycle begins again.
The System and the formation of the bodies that you will re inhabit when you choose to.
Aah yes remove the old system. New points of power, 128 points throughout the body. Dissolve. Dissolve”

At this stage we were utilising frequencies which I had been cycling through my mind without equipment of any kind.

  • No this is not the place to share these details.

25/5/2020 (about)
Azazel: "

I am Azazel I am Zazazel
I am Infernal King of Fire and I am your damnation. Free art thou now.
Blood month. Blood month".

This is part of the work that I am doing.


As I read your post, the last portion kept repeating in my mind. “Blood month. Blood month”. I wonder why that is.


Same thing for me too. It keeps pulling my eyes too


Thanks for sharing!

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Blood month is referencing sacrifice of some course or action or cause.
My Vampire tendrils have been reactivated lately and now I am required to energetic feed. A requirement to bathe in blood literally. Which I have recently done. A bath in pigs blood and Oak bark.
So there is my bathing in blood, the physical and energy


Wow. This is something I feel has been revealed to me as well. Crazy to see it pretty much exactly here for you. I was going to elaborate, but I felt I shouldn’t. I think you already know anyway. Thanks for sharing!