Willing to buy body swapping spell from anyone with a money back guarantee and a "reasonable" price


I’m willing to buy a body swapping spell from anyone with a money back guarantee and a reasonable price.

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“You can get it right here, right now for a limited time only … The New and Improved True Secret to Immortality! For Only $19.95!”

This should be interesting.

Edit: You know, that wasn’t helpful and I was having a bit of fun with you at your expense. I’m sorry for that. It’s just the attitude that kills me.

If you could get that with a “money back guarantee”, don’t you think everyone would have access to it by now?

No one is going to provide this for you. Do I believe it’s possible? Yes, from my own experiences I do. But I think the level of training and power required to achieve it will encourage people to keep it a very closely guarded secret for themselves.

You’re certainly not going to find anyone on an internet forum who’s willing to offer you a money back guarantee for for their magickal services. There are too many variables that can go wrong when you perform a ritual for another person and it’s no fault of the magickian.

Now you might find someone wiling to promise it for you and take your money. Hell, you might even find someone capable of hypnotizing you into truly believing you’ve experienced it.

If this is your ultimate goal, you need to dig and do the damn work to achieve it. It’s the work of an entire lifetime. Better get busy.


I’m willing to pay something around the 2000 dollar range.

Honestly if someone here can get me a new identity that’d be fine too as long as it’s legitimate. No I’m not in Al Qaeda honestly, the past decade has not been kind to me.

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$2,000? A sick, old, dying billionaire would give his entire fortune for it.


Buying spells?
Is it at least legal in here?
Because, I would need it too.
I’m ready to pay for a spell I’m not capable of: just a little mind influence.

If you’ve got that kind of money, I would suggest you book an hour consultation with E.A. Koetting about it. It’s a couple of hundred dollars and you’ll get the real information from a skilled and knowledgeable sorcerer who has a lot of personal experience with possession.

He won’t scam you and he’ll give you the real scoop.

E.A. Koetting – Personal Consultation


No one can advertise their magickal services on the forums. This is the business website for E.A. Koetting and Timothy. E.A. and several other authors offer their ritual and consultation services through the main website:

Become A Living God


Got it.
I had this doubt because of something I red in the past.
Some used to get paid to offer help through rituals and other magical stuff, so I thought it was the same in the forum: the one who needs a spell, and the sorcerer who give him a service.
Thanks for the clarify


Look I really really need help. If there’s really something here I’d like some help thank you. I’m looking into Tor and getting a fake identity too. I’m just not sure where to go or what to do.

This forum isn’t suited for that area of help. If you wish to get a fake identity, I can’t help you. As for a body swapping spell, I agree with what has already been said. Get a consultation from koetting. I haven’t personally worked with him, but I can tell he is knowledgeable and can help you.

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It’s just I really need one of these things to happen badly, please just tell me if Koettings is truly legit. I don’t want to waste any unneccessary money.

Look into soul travel program it’s not a spell that your looking for

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Like I said, I haven’t personally worked with koetting and any of the others for hire. I would look through for forum for other people that have or research on other members success.

Okay well - moderator hat ON - please stop using this forum to request people assist you in anything like fake IDs, that’s just a nuisance to people who want to talk about magick.

Also, while this forum permits people to make private arrangments with other members if they want, waving $2000 arround on a public forum and basically begging someone to set you up with borderline illegal stuff and also give you a new body is like jumping into a shark tank and yelling “help help I’m bleeding” - highly likely to attract those who will not have your best interests at heart.

That’s all I want to say on this, it’s made very clear that commercial advertising isn’t permitted and if you enter into any business contracts with other membersm, that’s between you and them and any posts made about it on here, negative or positive, will be deleted, because this isn’t a reviews site (there are other forums where people do that stuff) and it amounts to back-door advertising.


I believe your best option apart from trolling to place doubt with regard to Koetting legitimacy which is sound may I add.

Is in my opinion seek out a talented plastic surgeon change your face like the movie Face off failing that their are other options swapping body isn’t give you another identify imo goodluck! I would gladly take your money refer you to a life coach although unlike others I work on no refund policy


Here i am.But i will charge you money.

Welcome @Shiba_Kundu. Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Also, this is not a marketplace: