Willing Sacrifice

What if I were to say I was proposing my will as a sacrifice to a god of my choosing… How would you perform said sacrifice?


Depends on the god and upon what you would be willing to allow happen to you during and after the sacrifice.

Some rituals in Necromancy requires human sacrifice, not that I would necessarily commit human sacrifice at this point in time.

You don’t know how to perform this “sacrifice” ? so man it is your choice, but i would tell you to, stay way!^^

I know exactly how to perform the sacrifice, I was actually wondering if anyone else was as sirius as I am…

So you should say it in the beginning of your message, to see if someone else is like you or wants to do the same as you!

I didn’t know what to say, this is kind of a “you know it or you dont” test…

The simplest way for me to put it is: to be consumed, completely. To shatter. To die in many ways, physical included if need be.

I like you.

Easy. Convert to Christianity. You definitely sacrifice your will for that. The Left Hand Path is about manifesting your will not giving it up.


I’m definitely not giving it up… the message is one of generosity and forgiveness, but the secret is of concealment and control… If anything, a willing sacrifice would be thee ultimate source of empowerment and deification.

One who has attained a complete and “full” sense of life has thee pen-ultimate advantage over any living being on this earth.

The only context i would consider this to make any sense that doesn’t result in a surrender of power is the way of odin and the world tree as in making a sacrifice of myself to myself. Any of angle than this just sounds like your surrendering your innate authority to an outside force to me.

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You are exactly right, that’s not just Odinist though. Even though I identify strongly with the norse legends, We are all won, and when we win eachother is when we become truly, one.

The purpose of the path is to attain godhood. Literal sacrifice is the complete opposite of this.