Willfully trigger the various brainwaves states?


E.A. Koetting states “Bring your brainwave frequencies into the Theta state. Hold that for long enough that you start to trigger ultra-high Gamma frequencies. In my e-book, Become a Living God, I give detailed methods on how you can consciously and willfully trigger the various brainwaves states IMMEDIATELY!”

I’ve browsed through the book and I can’t find any detailed methods promised. Already in the chapter III you are supposed to open and activate your chacras. The book doesn’t have ANY instructions how to do it but, there’s some kind of instructions on this web site how to do it but then again it says that I need to bring my brainwave frequencies into the Theta state. HOW?


I honestly dont rely or focus too much on acheiving the theta state by sitting there and trying too hard. I do the invocation of omnipotence and i feel like that should be enough FOR ME to get into the mind frame of godhood. I mean that is the point of the IOO and if you cannot perform it successfully then in MY OPINION you shouldnt be doing evocation etc. the IOO should be practiced everyday. until you feel it and are confident in it if you are serious in what you are doing. Just like the LBRP should be practiced until learned (IN MY OPINION). Learning Magick should be like school and treated as such in my opinion.

here is a newsletter where i think he is describing what you are looking for. scroll down to the 3 fold method method of achieving the “rapture” state.


Here is a newsletter he sent


Thank you, that cleared my question. Now for experimenting…


you should practice everyday till you get it right


Thanks for posting that Willow, I have never read that…so I must not get all the postings from the past for some reason.



yea he sent that out a few weeks ago. have to say its valuable information to reference