Will you help me with a curse?

My attempts to curse him, to send him angles of torture and massaker,
they all failed.

No incantation and no name of marduk did anything.

This humanized trash still writes messages.
-I want you to curse him, or to curse a message, sended to him,
so he will stop writing and scamming people, but will suffer financially and mentally instead.

Him dead would be ok, but suffering -and stopping his disgusting buisness is also just fine.

I’ll show you screenshots -or just send you some emails which i got from him.
~I guess some of you are able to somehow “feel” the person behind those lines and shit.

The ALTERNATIVE: make him stop what he is doing -at least with me, but force him to speak out the truth first!

-So… Is there anyone who is willing to help me?


I’ve only done one successful curse in my time and it was a feel as I feel kind of Magick, was devastating to the individual. Involved making a clay voodoo doll imbued with intent and some simple ingredients. I had to destroy it after some time seemed too wild.


Aha… ~:neutral_face:~ ok.

It is against the forum rules to say or ask other people to perform curses on individuals. For legal reasons.

It was a homemade egregore but I’ve no clay to help :neutral_face: lol just a thought If you’re ever interested in trying it

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No its not.
~They don’t consider it “real”, so it doesn’t count -unless names/face are shown,
then it could be considered a soft form of terrorism :wink:


You could show me how, but i would keep it for another time.
-I have tried invokations and tried evokations.
Currently am i a bloody beginner. -Not able to do anything magical.

It’s easy just requires your will.

I used clay to make a humanoid shape. While forming it say your will. Before finishing form a deep cavity in the chest. Inside place their name in a folded up paper with your intent written on it. Then add dead bugs, Ash, rusty nails, hair/toe nails from self


a dandelion flower and a marble. Seal the chest with clay.

I curse you, blank, to feel as I do until you know no peace.
(Cut self smear blood on idol)
Insects to crawl
Nails to stab
Bound with my hair, blood, and nails
Energy drawn from Earth, fire, water and wind. (Blow on it with your intent)
Sealed in the crystal to continually draw from you and haunt your dreams and your days with crawling, stabbing and paranoia from the darkness.

Begin painting black the entire idol until complete. Repeat words until complete never stopping your will.

When done put aside. Stop obsessing.
He may need maintenance I found this to be deteriorating to the idol may need more clay and paint.

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I believe it’s only against the rules to name your target by name publicly, or to perform curses on other forum members


^ Correct, this is the exact wording:

In other words, don’t name them, or post photos, stuff like that, so there’s no problem with this thread.