Will wearing a ring with the Tetragrammaton sigil attract Yahweh to me?

I already informed myself on wearing spirit sigil jewelry on here, but have gotten contradicting answers.

I am eying a ring right now that I really like. It’s the sigil of Tetragrammaton. I was wondering if, by wearing this ring, I attract Yahweh to me?

I also read here that the entity you wear the sigil of might get angry at you for wearing their sigils, which I don’t believe, since wearing what is basically a representation of a god, to me, is honoring them, but would like to hear your thoughts anyways.

I appreciate your answers :heart:

Not normally, but ask yourself what your intention aka will, and your fears are.

NOTHING is magick except that humans make it so. Fear is a very strong emotion to be very careful off, a mage must not fear.

If you fear a thing happening, you are seeing it in your minds eye and magicking it into being, if you intend a thing to happen but fear it won’t, if you intent a thing to happen without fear it will.

“What you fear is what you find”. So if you don’t want this, set your intention that it will not and as a mage do not fear that it will, and it won’t. And so it IS.

So? Tell them to fuck off. It’s your life and you’re in charge.

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No. People wear t-shirts with demon seals, and pentagram jewellery all the time without believing in said demons. They just think it’s cool, and like the aesthetic. There is no harm in it.


I wear occult jewelry all the time. I believe that it gets me in touch with the spirit, but that doesn’t mean they’re paying any attention at all.

I remember someone saying a sigil is like a spirit’s phone number. Just because you call or text someone doesn’t mean they’ll respond.

Could the ring attract Yahweh to you? Yes, if he thinks you’re interesting. Will it? Can’t say. As for dishonoring, I think he might disapprove of somethings, which might affect his interest in you. But I doubt he’ll attack over a minor offense. Just don’t wear the ring in the bathroom.

Overall, I think gods and spirits only favor people they like. That’s why some Christians feel closer to God than others.

I think it’s annoying because I’m trying to find other people who are into this stuff, only to be told it’s for a band or something. All power to them, but I feel like an idiot.

Most practitioners don’t advertise themselves. If you are looking for others with the same interests, maybe try scanning them energetically instead of just looking at what they’re wearing on the outside. You never know, that plain girl you happen to see in the library one day might just turn out to be a practicing dark sorceress.



Couldn’t have said it better myself :+1:

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Yeah you’re spot on. I totally forgot about those people.