Will these angels from Angels of Wrath Book cause depression?

I’m working from two different Damon brand books. One is 72 Angels of Magick where I’ve been calling Hayiel to strengthen my magic work, following the call to Hayiel I did the Angels of Wrath call to the 8 angels that are said to bring judgment down on enemies. I did this earlier today and have felt heavier and more down than usual. I generally deal with some low level depression because of the issues I’m facing but I’m concerned that using an angel of wrath will deepen them somehow.
Has anyone had experience with this. The Angels of wrath book doesn’t give instructions for releasing from the work other than “don’t think about it”…is there something I can do to clear the lingering heaviness?

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Admittedly, I do not know as much about evocation as I would like to, but I do understand the principles of the ritual in their basic form; therefore, I shall offer my opinion.

It sounds to me like you may be dealing with some residual energy from the working. Did you banish after you finished?

I did not banish. The Angels of Wrath book did not mention banishing so I didn’t do it.
How do I banish? Reminder, I’m a beginner.
And thanks for responding.

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There are a few ways to do so; in keeping with the angelic nature, I would recommend the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. A very nice instructional video on the Banishing has been done by E.A. Koetting and can be found on his channel on Youtube. It was one of the better ones I have come across, imo.

Ok thanks. I will look into it.
I don’t have any special magic tools or anything. No candles or circle making materials. The appeal of the Damon Brand books is that they only require your mind, the sigil and the evocation chants.
I’ve also considered Reviewing the hermetic principles such as Vibration, Polarity , and Rhythm to see if I can will myself back into a more fresh and light state of mind. I really hope this doesn’t worsen.

One can use their hands for the tools. The tools, after all are simply a focus for the Will, behind your intent.

For the Blade: first two fingers extended.
For the Chalice: The hands cupped.
Those are the two I often use regularly. Others will know the others, if they exist. I do not.

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It is unlikely the rituals in Angels of Wrath are causing depression.

What it sounds like to me, is that you are simply doing too many rituals, and draining your energy.

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And so I can make up any chant I want? I skimmed the results of EA koetting banishing ritual , they seem complicated.

That is a valid point, as well. A rest may be required. @Crafty123 Some people resort to banging pots and pans as they tromp around their ritual space, saying things like, “annoying fuckers who will inhibit my work, get the fuck out!”. Take it with a grain of salt. Banishing Rituals that have been used through the ages and by many are like the well worn path, they wouldn´t still be used if they didm´t work and the energy of the working is augmented by the well worn energy pathways such rituals utilize. This translates to less personal energy used by you to accomplish the same thing. Work Smarter, not Harder, I like to say.

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As a beginner, you do not have any energetic reserves, and, since the rituals you are following do not require any sort of empowerment to do, you are draining yourself.