Will tattoo placement make difference

So I have a few tattoos and an considering getting an entitys name/sigil/symbol tattooed on me. Only thing is… the place I have free for it on my arm is the outer forearm.

I’d only be able to see it upside down or at a weird angle or reversed in the mirror…

Is something like that even gonna matter or can I still open the seal like normal regardless of the angle ect.

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Yeah you’re good, it doesn’t matter. As long as you enjoy it that’s what counts.

Its a spirit I’ve worked with on and off for half a decade. Just curious if I need to see the seal right way up of you know what I mean.

Thanks mate

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Nah, just focus on that part of your arm and perceive it’s location on the skin.

From there, visualization and energy work.

When you get it tattooed, really focus on the sensations and put that in your memory bank to help you charge/activate it when you’re doing something with it.

I have King Paimon’s sigil tattooed on my throat and while it was getting done I focused on opening the sigil with all the feeling and sensations of having it done. So as long as you do that you should be just fine. Placement really doesn’t matter as long as you know what it looks like and how it goes.