Will spirits recognise me in a different name?

I was wondering if I pay someone to talk to a spirit for me, and I don’t give the summoner my real name but use a different name (let’s say my BALG username), will the spirit know it’s me?

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For sure! For me I will put it like this, someone I met online contacted me, his name of the forum I met him is rpont340; he said he wants so-so thing…

I’ve done that many times and they will say they already know whom it is. Aha even corrected me once, ‘Not a he, but she’. Which mean they have perfect sense of whom I’m talking about.


I mentioned it in another thread. Anything tethered virtually or physically to you is an established connection. Mobile number, username, home address, name, picture of your face, picture of your forum avatar — these are energetic signatures made by you.

When it becomes electrical it becomes psionics. Magick is technology half the time. Imagine a veroboard. We’re somewhat something like that. We’re on a plane connected to the source.

Anything connected to the source can be contacted with many times I suppose. This would depend on how skilled the practitioner would be if they were to work around with little-to-no information.