Will someone give me a tarot reading?

Please. Im in dire need.

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Look I could try… and someone may, but… my experience with Tarot is that it reflects back your current path and reality… and it’s really super easy to change your present to mould the future. You say you’re in dire need… Tarot is likely to reflect that… it’s not gonna make you feel any better is it? It’ll just root feelings of need further into your subconscious and you’ll get more of the same.

What do you want to happen? Find that - write it down. Visualise it, feel it… subliminals, guided meditations, sigil spells, change your subconscious and your reality changes. It’s kinda that simple.

Whatever the need is… hope you feel better soon!


Theres a youtube channel called satan and sons. They have a general sort or tarot reading that was done a few months ago I believe. I recently watched the video and it actually did correspond with things im going through now, maybe give it a try.

@CharlieP7 You’re tired of work. You deny your responsibilities and you need a break. You don’t know how much you have to work to finish a project. You’re developing interest in spiritual knowledge that will give you wisdom and you’ll become self sufficient. Your troubles come from legal proceeding or being treated unjustly in some situation but you’ll be able to defend yourself. In the recent past you’ve putting effortsto protect your material resources but now this situation comes to an end. You have understood that relationships are exactly what you made of them. In the near future you’ll be secretly manipulating others and block their powers and creativity because they made you accept a situation that you’re not happy with. However those others still appreciate you as a lovable, gracious and reliable person. May be you didn’t show them your disappointment and they have no idea that they harmed you. And this is exactly what you want to be - graceful, generous and lovable. I have got the feeling that you’re an young man. Correct me if I’m wrong. Unfortunately your exceeding generosity and always putting others needs before yours will bring you imbalance and discomfort since those others will go very far in taking advantage of you.

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