Will someone be able to get in while I'm out

Just saw a video on astral projection, sounds pretty cool and brings forth a lot of possibilities anyways; while I’m out of my body will someone be able to get in it, if yes then will i be able to get in and how to kick them out. Don’t know much about this so do correct me if I’m wrong and if anyone knows any easy ways to do astral projection then I’m open to them, the video said to wake up after 6hours and say…


But please if anyone disagrees I really want to hear why.


You’re not all “out” exactly, if you were you’d be dead.
Your astral body has and your consciousness is focused there, but your spirit is still incarnate in your body.


APing is safer thank you think.


Thank you

You’re good. I “gut check” most common questions, but you’ve done some research. I’ll remove my comment.

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