Will someone ask Lucifer Amaymon?

Hey, so I’m slightly suspicious due to an oracle reading my mom did for me, and I really need some clarification. If any of you are in contact with amaymon, or can maybe use a pendulum, because I don’t know if I can trust the answers I’m getting, it would be very appreciated. My birth name is Alisha S Barker, here are my questions:

  1. Am I actually speaking with Lucifer-Amaymon
  2. Is he trying to kill me/does he have malicious intent toward me.
  3. Have I spoken with Lilith.

I’m willing to trade answers for logo design, if you’re interested.


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What makes you think that he would have malicious intent toward you?

And what makes you question the validity of your communication with he and Lilith?

I was asking questions about my spiritual life in a reading with my mom today, because she’s a lightworker, her readings are always spot on, and I wanted to peak into my future. The cards she pulled basically told me that i was being horribly decieved by the main person i asked about (amaymon) and a red haired woman (the only red haired being Ive met, include the humans in my life, is Lilith.

The cards came up a warning that what i was doing with them would only end in my destruction, i was being seduced and lied to, and their ultimate goal was to destroy me. After that the room got heavy and felt pissed, she couldn’t even ask any other questions, it was like the energy of the cards and pendulum was being blocked.

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Hmmm… wow. That is interesting. I can see if I can get anything for you.

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Thank you

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I’ll pm you

Hmm. I haven’t worked with Amaymon yet, but since you have established contact already, why dont you confront him about it? Maybe he is not an impostor but he is just hiding something from u for some reason

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Thats what im thinking, but hive he’s lying to me he most likely won’t just tell me becuase I ask. Learned that the hard way with Belial

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I’m PM’d you!

I can’t see why Lucifer-Amaymon or Lilith would want to destroy you in a “just for fun way.” I’ve been told many times they are going to help kill me, to destroy me, to break me down from the inside out so I can rebuild stronger. Spirits often speak in analogy, metaphor, symbolism and such so it’s important to interpret accordingly. If your mother is a light worker it might be she has a heavy dose of her own bias. That being said not every spirit is for everyone.

Some already have other spirits with them from birth or family heritage who may have at least tried to call “dibs”. Some simply don’t get along in the way they teach, some have clashing egos or energy that is very unpleasant to you. My experience with Amaymon is limited, he came with a curious mix of a fear/lust aura as well as a soothing presence.


Well, when it comes to Lucifer, you could ask him yourself for a sign. He’s well known for giving signs to those who want some proof that they talk with him.


This was my thought. Often times RHP can conflict with a strong will to change. The idea of killing off a part of myself has also been portrayed in lectures i listen to and some courses ive began to dabble in.

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