Will one intention do instead of multiple at the same time while calling up on spirits?

When I call up on a spirit I use three intentions at the same time for maximised results: excitement, feeling good and certainty.

But I’m kind of burnt out and I only want “certainty” as my main intention.

Would that still be a 100% formula or do I really include the two other intentions?

Work on only one at a time,seperating your energy lowers your possible outcome of succession.

Edit:In my honest opinion,for an operation like that, don’t use any spirits because self analizing will make you learn about yourself.Also you can learn how to manipulate energy doing self magick,so far I have only seen this spirit, that spirit from you,learning about them is good for sure but how about you get the neccesary skills for getting what you want ?


I agree with @anon84423462.

Having one main intention puts all of your focus and thus all of your power towards it. Having intentions that correlate is fine if that’s more comfortable but the best results are the ones that are straightforward and simple to follow through on.