Will Lucifer grant everything in petition?

My first petition was never granted…so I wrote out another one with more details and Lucifer said that my petition was granted. I did request for it to be completed this week.
I’m seeing some changes, but one request I thought was changing…hasn’t.
Even though my petition was granted, will all of it be granted or just a pick and choose from Lucifer?

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Everything that I have asked for from Lucifer has been granted to me and then some.

As long as you ask with sincerity and are willing to give back to him. He will give you as you wish, within reason of course.

He can’t give you the universe all at once, but he can give it to you, one piece at a time.


Lucifer decides what he does and doesn’t do. No one can guarantee what he’ll do as he’s his own person and has different feelings and moments per individual.


I’ll back this up!

The same…
He has given me, shown me so much since October.
I’ll PM you…

Understand. I’m hoping that he will execute everything in my petition.

You’re going to help me?
I would not object to the extra help!

Oh, I just said that I’ll back @anon48079295’ statement up. It’s up to the spirit if it’ll accept the petition and what it’ll do then.

As for advice, try to ask something that is possible (obviously) and also, try to have some means that will make what you asked happen. For example, let’s say you ask for an X amount of money. Lucifer can’t help, unless you have a way for this money to come…

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