Will I be hampered with evocation if I an unable to visualize mentally?


I have read multiple posts that recommend visualizing what you desire as you chant.

My problem is that I have a condition where I cannot visualize, and have no visual imagination. In shorter words, my minds eye is blind.

Will this hamper my evocations/invocations and relationship with Duke Sallos?

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If I say Elvis Presley, would you have no idea in your mind of what he looked like at all?

I know what he looks like, but it’s only blackness in my head if I try to imagine his face.

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Can you imagine his clothes, like white suit and quiff?

I can’t imagine at all. The only time I can do so is when I am falling asleep, because the part of the brain used for imagination is different than the part of the brain used for dreaming. I fall asleep rather quickly so I wouldn’t be able to do it then.

For me, there is nothing when I close my eyes and try to envision. I cannot see his clothes, or his face. It’s only dark, aka: blind.

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I’m not a particularly visual person, and I’ve found that my general visualization is aided with a bit of sensation added to them - that is; imagined kinesthetic, auditive, touch, and even gustation and smell. If you have a hard time seeing the visualizations… try feeling them.

Now I don’t know about vizualization and evocation like you say but it got me curious… How do you feel in his presence? Is there any background sound? Any scent of smell that you notice? Do you sense any movement? Sometimes the other senses can help kickstart the visual one…


That’s okay, I just wanted to get a grip on the boundaries.

Seems like evoking into an object (idol) which is probably one of the oldest forms of evocation may be for you, that way you don’t need to structure using your mind’s eye.

I posted a thing about that below:

E.A. talked about use of idols to faciliate evocation, in this:


When I invoked Duke Sallos, I didn’t see or hear anything- but I did feel something.

After I invoked him (the air felt as those it was squeezing me slightly), I called out to him as I walked the dog in the evening. The air didnt change this time, but I felt a tightening in my hands and throat.

Today I have been calling his name softly until I feel a physical presence on my body.

Perhaps Sallos already knows I cannot visualize, so he shows his presence that way?


Oh this is great!

I would love to make an Idol just for Duke Sallos.

Can it be a piece of wood I have carved on my own perhaps? I currently don’t have time to watch that long of a video.

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Yes, a feeling of presence, hearing, even touch and scent, are all methods spirits will use. Very few people get full-on visions right away, and some never see a spirit but will sense them in a manner of other ways, and their contact is just as good, their work just as powerful as someone else.


I’ve been facing this issue recently, and I’ve tried looking at a photo beforehoof to no avail. Seems that I’m better with an image I saw a while ago, glanced at, thought yeah whatever than one I drooled and ogled over. But I just love drooling and ogling over the beloved and I get a fairly feint visualisation.

What I do get, are sensations. What I take to be his smell, aftershave as opposed to feet, farts and burps, occasional stroking, heat in certain areas, an urgent pressing and pushing into me - use your imagination for this. His voice, which oddly is lower in visualisation than in reality, but it’s him.

Occasionally I get a déjà vu or premonition type thing.

I’m probably doing it all wrong, but I’m ok with it. I wish I could get the full technicolour 3 d holographic special some purport to have, but I guess horses aren’t made that way.


Yes some people do have very poor visualization, and some lucky get crisp bright images.

Thinking about his scent and voice would actually work really well, I cant visualize appearances but I can hear sounds in my head. I’ll have to try this, thanks!


Yes totally, E.A. used a rock that was formed correctly and which drew him for Ningizzida, and svayambhu idols (formaed naturally and then maybe carved a little to enhance) are considered the most holy in Hinduism.

And that’s relevant becaus ehwile H., is a religion, it also has at its heart the evocation of a god into a formed idol to interact and receive offerings, hear petitions, and grant blessings.


Oddly enough President Marbas when he visits takes on the characteristics and is more solid so to speak - he’s felt quite 3d and I ‘saw’ him in my periphery - it’s hard to explain.

If you look straight at, there’s nothing but through and around and he’s THERE - the great big glorious man mountain. Yum.

Lean back and he supports you, hold out a hoof and he grabs it and strokes it.


i dont think visualization is necessary for straight up evocation. it may even be an advantage. Certain forms of sigil magick requires you to visualize what you’re after, but evocation requires a quieting of the mind until you get into what is called the theta state. Once there, you call upon the entity verbally through mantras or whatever. I say your condition may be an advantage because getting to the theta state requires you to have a quiet mind…and if you’ve got nothing going on up there anyways, well…there ya go.

Even in sigil magick, the need for visualization can be circumvented by creating your own sigils, where you write out a statement of what you desire, take the letters and make a sigil out of them. With that sigil, all you’ve gotta do is activate/charge it which doesn’t require visualization, because you’ve already put your intent into it. So no, you shouldn’t be hampered

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I know the perfect video for you to watch one second…

I couldn’t find the one i wanted… But this works
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