Will Amon get angry with me

Today I lit a candle and took the seal in my left hand and listened, When the seal took shape in 3b, I lit the candle and closed my eyes and imagined what I wanted, I opened my eyes and, looking at my candle, Said, High prince amon.

(Make her love me, make her madly in love with me, thank you)

Repeated this 3 times and dreamed about my ex,Then I burned the seal but suddenly it caught fire, I was in the living room, scared and threw it on the marble.

I bent down and clapped it three times with my hands, and the great prince thank you for coming, now you can go in peace. Later, as I vacuumed my house, I felt a change in my legs and my right leg was slipping.

I don’t think it will happen, but I believe in my heart that Amon will make it happen, thank you, high king.

Don’t worry I highly doubt he would be angry :slight_smile: But to be honest, this kind of mindset is not very good for magick, you can say what you want, but I think you’ll find better results if you maintain a sense of authority (although, in a polite way). Only issue for this ritual is, the panic may have messed with your concentration and state of mind too much which isn’t good for magick, but don’t think too much about that and see what happens. If it does not work in the end, then don’t worry it’s trial and error :slight_smile:

I called her for the first time, I never experienced anything like this, I just panicked a little, But I am not afraid, I am very comfortable and my headache stopped after the ritual and I can feel its energy relaxing.

Happened with me when I gave blood offering to King Viné

Be patient & be positive…good luck💐

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