Wierd dreams

I’ve been getting incredibly vivid but horrible tbh dreams since trying to lucid dream and ap

Obviously I know it’s my subconscious speaking to me and it’s always having lost someone/something

Woke up to a particularly nasty one after doing a lucid dream meditation tonight - it mirrors what’s happened in life, losing someone I’d like to bring back into contact with me

So it’s not unique or particularly insightful - just repetitive

I guess I know what’s in my subconscious but I need to change it :sweat:

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my lucid dreams are anything but horrible. They usually start quite random… and a few times have started a bit creepy… but… if you’re lucid just turn around and change it. Like change the dream… warp it. If you have lay waste to a whole city of people… do so. Just let go of fear and enjoy it. That’s what lucid dreams are for me… situations where i can have unique experiences and enjoy myself.
Of course… it all depends on the level of lucidity you have in the dream. So… if you feel like you’re just lucid enough to known you’re dreaming but you dont feel much in control of anything (maybe even on the contrary)… then work getting more lucid. More in control…

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Yeah that’s the whole point… I wasn’t lucid and very out of control I think. Ironic after a lucid dream meditation and chakra work

If the dreams are literal memories then it is probably something you need to process, accept, something along those lines. I Only had nightmares for years due to unprocessed trauma. You can move on from that.

Also, if it’s a lucid dream you should be able to change the nature of the dream into something positive or neutral with practice over time. Try affirming to yourself before you fall asleep that you can take control of your dreams…

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Oooh… i see.
I can only speak for myself but i’ve been in a place for a while now where i dont even have nightmares anymore. Things in dreams that would’ve made my formal self creeped out shitless now just makes me go “oh that was interesting” when i wake up.
I used to have nightmares that would linger with me after i woke up… I was a very afraid child… well, i was raised catholic (old school Catholicism) so that must have something to do with it

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Not literal memories… I guess I’m finding it very hard to have someone gone from life atm and trying to bring them back via magick - twofold firstly to prove to myself it can be done and secondly as theres just no point without (energetically things have to change or they aren’t going to get in contact)

Never quite had it affect me on this scale tho. As in haunting my dreams. Maybe it’s a learning process or something as it’s not a romantic wanting to heal, more like a needing to heal and harmonise energy

So you are saying that someone has left your life and you want them to come back into your life?

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I’ve not really been bothered by nightmares for a while but I suppose I am paying attention to my subconscious mind atm and desiring to change what’s going on in it to change the matrix so to speak

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Yeah I guess. Not even come back how they were, just put things okay and my subconscious mind obviously isn’t playing ball yet

do u work with any entity?

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Trying NAP atm so Shem angels and also angels and demons book by Henry Archer but can’t say I’ve felt particularly contacted/in contact

A bit like I’m dreaming trying to wake up my higher consciousness I guess

Hahaiah can help you find mystical answers in dreams… like prophetic dreams to help you figure things out… even about the future… but also about your self.
and Orpaniel can help cope with an end of a relationship
Also, Nachliel - Angel of Compassion for emotional pain…

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Yeah I’ll keep on trying and see what happens. I did come across those names earlier so maybe synchronicity or guidance. Was doing Raziel patchworking earlier…’might go back to that

Hey Raziel is great for pretty much everything Astral and dream related in my experience at least. He made my Astral projection far more intense if you’ll and my lucid dreams way more crispy… and lucid haha
I’ve been going around kissing the Astral double of certain celebrities. But that’s a different story.

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:joy::joy: sounds so much fun! Kissing the astral double :rofl:

I just need to get out in the first place… one day :sweat_smile: