Wich spirit is better for this task?

Hey guys, I made an public tender for a military school here in my country. I counted my marks and missed one question to pass. My question is, wich spirit (from the Necronomicon Spellbook preferable) is better for the task to make me pass/ have a good score?

P. S: I can’t wait to use Necronomicon Spellbook. That’s why I’m asking too many questions about it.

Thank you

If you have no way to retest, you could go with the fourth spirit as he helps when all seems hopeless. If you can retest then the 9th spirit gives wisdom and knowledge. 12th spirit gives knowledge in military matters. There are other spirits for battle but since you asked about testing and scores, these few might be your best options.

Thanks Reaper. Yes, I can retest, but only on October next year. But I want to enter right away. What do you suggest?