Wiccan gods

there is a wiccan in my city who teaches using chants of isis, diana, hekate nd other lady gods.basically I want to ask do u guys work with the wicca gods? r they powerful specially isis? coz the teacher doesnt teach any spells, divination but only discuss new age stuff like crystals hauntings etc.no specific useful stuff. nd my last question is wicca a powerful path or lame according to ur observations?

They aren’t Gods of Wicca, the are Gods of pre-Christian cultures. Different Wicca practitioners work with different old Gods, most stick within a specific pantheon. About 18 years ago I joined a coven in the San Francisco Bay Area that focused on the Celtic Gods, and was with them for several years until I decided to waste a few more years with the Temple of Set. I still work with the older Gods (daily), but the Wiccan method lacks substance and is highly watered down, they focus more on the ritual and not much on how to make the ritual work. Almost nothing on meditation and little on visualization. Traditional Witchcraft does a slightly better job than Wicca. In the end, these chants to the Goddesses this person will mean little if they aren’t able to get into the needed altered state of conscience to make the connection.


IMHO, the path is yours and what you make of it. There is no authority who can say, that you cannot work with these older Gods. There are many books on Hekate, for example. Her cult is very ancient, going back to the Carians (1500 BC)

If you take the Wicca route, there are things you should supplement it with. The 3 Godlike Powers that Koetting teaches would be a nice addition to such practices; as would the ‘Magical Knowledge’ series from Josephine McCarthy.

Books on Hecate are numerous, there are some really good ones and some really poor ones. I’ll go through the ones I have and pick a handful of the best if you are interested in Her. Let me know.

I would imagine the chant is “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana.” I agree with everything andreejee says. If you want to be Wiccan it is important to supplement the rituals with the 3GP.

There’s no such thing as Wiccan gods. Wiccans pretty much took the old gods and forced them into their own theology. There are few wiccans who actually respect the culture from which the god comes from and just does whatever before actually confirming from the deity itself if it wants to work that way.

I agree with andreeje that wicca is a weak path nd a very much kind of flowery stuff with very little practical workings.I only thus follow EA’s path…just a question guys …I have been working with Paralda’s sigil for somedays now…I open the sigil…ask a few random questions…kind of imagine answers in my head and then ask him to show his presence…dont feel anything though…no wierd creepy feelings either…then i close the sigil ask him to depart pay my gratitude and retire. Is this process correct in contacting King Paralda? The answers seem to be made up by my mind though and not correct mostly.

Necromaster told me it may take about two months to get in touch with a spirit via sigil magic so I am doing this daily.Hope the king catches my attention to communicate from the astral realms.

Yeah and if I wanna work with Hecate I wil let u know andreeje.Must slow down on my part…ehhh…till I get some basic stuff to work!!!

Euoi thanks for the stuff about wicca.Even wikipaedia mentioned it was made up in the early 1800s by accomodating older pagan stuff and mixed them up to form wicca.

Astralreek, I would encourage you to choose for yourself what path is best for you. It’s useful to get other people’s opinions but at the end of the day this is your path you have to walk and no one else’s.

yeah thanks orion!!