Why your love spell didn't work

We all see Love spells as a quick fix to the situation. A breakup, a failing relationship, to attract someone new. And we spend hours on fourms and buy books to try out the spells with no result. Then you lose faith in Magick itself and convince yourself that it’s all just a bunch of hogwash.

So, why didn’t it work? Emotions are complicated. Love? Even more. Love is based on various factors. Personality, charm, appeal, the way you connect to a person when you’re talking to them. These all come under account. No love spell when done will make you have a girlfriend the next day.

Understand what’s lacking in your relationship. Do some introspection. If it’s communication, fix that. If it’s appeal, fix that. If it’s understanding, fix that. When you’ve fixed all the issues, then perform any spell. Even a simple candle spell will work. Or even the most powerful demonic rite will yield no results.

My two cents on the topic.


For me another thing is the issue. You need a lot of ego to think the victim will come to you. It’s a issue for many people which causes subpar results.

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My $0.02 is also that it’s very difficult to detach oneself from the situation enough to avoid lust for results. Obsessively thinking about the outcome and constantly checking for progress causes the whole waveform probability collapse and freezes the situation in stasis.


Yes. And I’ve learnt this the hard way. Letting go is the key


I think if you are to engage in this stack your Magick in other sectors of your life. Easier to forget. Like EA says do your thing. Make a sandwich. In the bible it also refers to lust for result in a vieled way. “Believe and you shall receive”