Why would the Baron support this?

So I recently met Baron Samedi and he offered me advice on my situation and wanted an offering.

Now I’ve posted about my Psy Vamp cousin who has attacked me Astrally before and who the Gods warned me about several times. Every deity I work with told me that my only way out is to use magick to off the kid now in order for a new cycle to begin and every time I seek council from another God, they give me similar advice. Even divination tells me that it’s necessary especially since this kid holds within him such malice that it terrifies me.

The Baron is known for loving children and destroying those who seek to harm them but he told me that this case is an exception and that I must do it in a way that the target will not suffer and that I must not have a lot of spite and hate in my heard when doing this.

I hate discussing my personal path here but I feel I need to get this off my chest and swallow my pride and see what information the experienced practioners have for me. The Baron gave me a feeling that he will not harm me for this and he knows it’s necessary but why would a protector of this? I don’t mind the support. I’m just very curious.

@Keteriya any thoughts?


Offing isn’t always killing atleast in a magick sense, you could seal them, figure out what form of psy vampirism it is (energy system damage, leech, actual soul thing) and if it’s the former two fix it, if it’s the latter one a binding does wonders, especially one that feeds off ambient energy and the individual’s own energy in which case that binding is tough to remove.

So in that sense you have put an end to their habits and cut out the issue.


Not really an answer for your question but did you try to create another astral double and fill it with all the negativity that you have so he sucks it into himself ?

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Actually I did bind him once. The type of vampirsm he uses I haven’t found out entirely yet but it’s very parasitic as he stays attached to his targets and constantly feeds, to the point at which you’d think that this is an advanced parasite, it left me sick to my stomach the first time I saw it.

The thing is I used the term off to make this post seem a little less harsh. I’ve been instructed to outright kill him and quite a few deities have offered to help me in this. The Baron did tell me that I must opt to give him a painless death though.

Honestly it never crossed my mind. I’m very impulsive in the spirit realm and since I don’t like him much in real life, I decided to answer with force. It also wouldn’t do much as literally everyone worships the kid like he’s a God well we all are Gods but the point is that I’m not his only food source and if the Gods are encouraging me to end this now before it gets serious, I think I should listen.

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If it’s a must then do it, maybe in a way the manifestation leads to it?

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I’m kinda with velenos, on are you sure he means literally kill the kid. I ask only because sometimes the things holding us back simply need cut of our lives completely and totally regardless of the consequences.

But that being said it wouldn’t surprise me if he was being literal. He’s known for loving children, his wife and him are great for fertility work but.

He’s also the Baron of the cemetery, the keeper of the dead. Children are only children so long. Sometimes a child is well set on his path for adult hood as far as behaviors, personality and habits go, and some just seem to be bad eggs. Sometimes it’s circumstance and they need a little love, but I like to say you can’t save them all.

As far as painlessly goes, sounds like the kids a bad egg but doesn’t deserve to suffer because of it. The barons showing compassion in saying be swift.

I also find the loa like practitioners that will take control of their destiny so, letting yourself be walked on is a weakness to my clown. You might very well get into this endeavor and find you do not actually need to kill the kid, and that was all a test to determine if you would stand up and defend yourself or let something continue that you should stop. (This is rarely easy… it’s always hard shit…)


It will be done soon. I realized that no matter what, this conflict with him will happen so rather now while I have the advantage than 20 years in the future when he can use his abilities to their full potential and getting my ass kicked.

Well the first deity who told me about this was Odin, Loki was on the fence and explained to me why and then he also told me the same thing and no matter where I ask, the answer is the same. So after today I’ve realized that unless I’m hallucinating the whole thing, it’s pretty literal.

Only slightly related but remember the British Soldier that spared Hitler? Though he thought he did the right thing by showing mercy, terrible consequences occurred. I wonder if this is teaching me the importance of using chaotic “good” from time to time.

I oppose torture too. The only exception are child predators as I’d take pleasure in their suffering but I always believe in painless death for any enemy.

I am close to taking control of my destiny in a way, I liken my conflict with this kid to Zeus (me) and Typhon (him) and it feels that I need to be patient and work on the backlash first (I doubt my family is going to take the death lightly, it will be painful so I need to prepare and work on minimizing it).

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Probably the hardest trial ever. I have been tested before but it was over mundane love issues. Now should I kill him and it’s a test, will they punish me?

A part of me thinks I should prepare and the other says I should observe the situation carefully and analyze properly. Life and death is no joke especially when the Gods give you permission to take life.

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Nice. Like I said the loa like to test or challenge us. They’ll put us in impossible situations and sit back and watch you handle it. If you ask for help they’ll help you carry out tasks, but you have to know what those are. They’ll teach you what to do, but you have to be able to ask the right questions. I mean it’s a crazy ride, and totally worth it, if you can keep up with them but. Lol it’s kinda ballzs some days.


Not likely. They’ll let you feel alone a while, to think about where you messed up and how’ll you’ll recognize the situation next time and handle it. You’ll think they forsake your for a minute and won’t work with you again. It’s not that- that’s the human in us, they are giving you a minute to learn, to grow. What should have picked up on to know what they wanted. What were the clues you missed. Etc etc. what does it say about you, I mean the growth is deep.

They are all about becoming stronger. Pass the test and you go deeper, fail you retake the grade.

Now I remember why I rarely post. I sound bat shit crazy. Sighs.


The funny part is I’ve only met them. I wonder if all of the other Pantheons are playing a game of when will Twilight snap :man_facepalming:t2::joy: got mad love for them though. It beats the Kumbaya style teaching methods.

I’ve felt this about spirits in general. Those that are human friendly will support you no matter how many times you mess up. I mean you still need breaks but yeah.

If I ever decide to tell anybody about my experiences and keep in mind I consider myself a begginer in many areas, I know they’re going to ship me off to a psychologist so I can only imagine how you feel XD


Kinda like I’m livening a fcking amazing life but, I feel it takes a special person to even begin to comprehend my experiences let alone believe them. So it’s kinda almost a double life in many ways. I wouldn’t care for the most part what people thought in my real life, but man I’ve got an ex that is a pain as it is, and unfortunately he’s needed for the children’s well being so. Lol don’t need him giving me shit right in this moment. So crazy. Most days I feel like I’m functioning crazy.


I love when you post. I have learned so much from you. You are able to explain things in a way that makes a lot of sense.