Why would Azazel put himself at the mercy of these people

I have heard that king Azazel desires to incarnate at this realm. Let us just imagine it as a normal incarnation where all of our memories are lost. Why would king Azazel put himself at the mercy of people who would need to change his diapers? Why would he desire to be put in a state of fear? The mundane life is not very good in my opinion. Why would he put himself in a position where he could possibly get abused?
He is already ascended anyway. So what would be the purpose of these powerful gods desiring to be in this realm? Also are there not other realms for them to reincarnate to?


They don’t share the same opinion of the physical realm because they understand its purpose.

Spirits are limited. They are not “ascended.” Few of them can stray outside of their particular current, and they cannot travel very far beyond their own realms.

Humans are not so limited. We can ascend beyond all demons, angels, and gods. With Soul Travel, we can move above all the realms to the Formative Plane itself.


to place yourself above them is foolish. your clayborn ego is showing

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Read Liber Falxifer Vol.2 : Book of Amalqayin

So is yours.

I don’t place myself above them. I place the human potential above them.


To put it simply, spirits wish to experience the physical plane as humans do. Is it really so wrong to want to try something different for a change? Spirits don’t have sensory input like we do, so it’s a new and fascinating experience for them. They can only interact with the physical plane like humans by (at least) partially possessing someone.

Also, Azazel can take care of himself and doesn’t need your counsel on the matter. If he wants to incarnate here, then let him.