Why would a spirit hide its identity?

I have been working with a spirit that’s been beside me since childhood and I still don’t know its name nor identity. I tried tarot, signs, dreams, other divinations and everything else but I still only know one thing: thats its leaning to the dark side. I regularly get the devil card in tarot to do with its identity I was told its likely a dark spirit not necessarily a demon.


My first guess would be what people call a guardian or an ancestor. Ancestors are the most likely to want to help you as you are their kin. It could also be your own self.

Doesn’t really fit the description “dark”, if you said it was detrimental then I’d say banish and cleanse, but it sounds beneficial. :thinking:

i don’t know if it’s hiding? Names (and numbers) are very hard to get as these things are telepathic and it’s you that translates the impulses into something the conscious mind can deal with. The info comes through the subconscious which is bad at names, and unfamiliar ones are almost impossible. It may be that the name is just hard to hear. I should ask though… do you usually hear strange names that you haven’t heard before? If so, that’s not it.


They really do help and protect me. It’s just that I always get the devil, the lovers and two of cups when I ask the spirit how they feel about me. I once asked them if they had the power to kill me, they said yes and as a test I told them to kill me but nothing happened. They also send me the heartbreak card when I try to banish.

And if I once again ask what it looks like, I always get the devil card. Am also drawn to the occult and black magic so I think that’s even more proof, is it not possible for dark spirits to be kind and nurturing?


Likely don’t reveal itself because I would be afraid.
From all my readings I have know this:

  1. Its dark leaning
  2. its likely “feminine”
  3. not a succubus or demon
  4. not a negative entity attachment

What I wanted to know with this question how can I expand on knowing its identity?

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Belial is my mentor/protector spirit yet he’d concealed his identity from me for a good portion of my life.

Most of the more specific reasons are a bit too personal to share, but I can say with certainty that they were good reasons.

Once I even thought that this might be an entity significant enough to be named, he’d revealed himself/given enough proof pretty readily.

After finding out he was one of the more significant demons, I wouldn’t work with him though — more in the sense that I wouldn’t seek to communicate with him rather than outright refusal of his presence or banishment. I get put off by lofty names or titles, they make me feel like I shouldn’t bother that entity ever unless it’s something truly serious and that’s not how he wanted to work with me. Instead of getting closer, I got a lot more distant than before, before I’d thought he’d been more akin to a personal djinn.

It took some time to get beyond that.
(And you can believe he’s tasked me with something to get over that lol)

They absolutely can be.

Something I’ve noticed that seems rather common among those who experience a more nurturing side from darker entities — they have a history of enduring strict religious practices while growing up. Unfortunately, all too often it’s paired with abuse as well. If not abuse, bullying sometimes, and if neither, some other significant long-term hardship.

The omnibenevolent deity and the angels they are told to speak to don’t listen or communicate, so their pleas start going to to “anyone.”

Since there is usually some awareness of at least Lucifer or Satan (at least among such strict faiths in the western world), it seems like there’s something about that remote awareness which make the pleas hit them more easily. Of course it can happen with other deities the child might be aware of too, but since this is about darker entities, I’m using them as examples.

So now there’s a situation where a darker entity hears and perhaps even responds. If a child has any sort of psychic capacity whatsoever, they will very much discern that something out there has heard them and at the very least is listening. That’s to say little of when this dynamic becomes active help or protection to some extent. They’re going to have a totally different outlook on demons or other darker entities than someone who was conditioned to fear them but never had a reason to seek help from “anyone” in their formative years.

If there’s not something quite like that going on, the other common scenario I’ve noticed, and more so of those in adulthood, where a darker entity is kinder or more nurturing is when someone feels an entity deeply resonates with them. There’s often some similar and also unpleasant experiences going on in these situations as well.

This is a major reason why they don’t sometimes.

I think it sounds like you do indeed have a genuine darker entity keeping an eye out for you, but if they’re not giving answers when you’re asking, whoever it is probably wants you to grow more first before they reveal themselves.


Thanks for the answers everyone, as you said maybe I just need to wait for them to reveal themself. It very well could be a deity-level spirit because even with my kundalini awakened I think its way way more powerful than me.

I definitely need to keep it a secret from people, if I were to tell my family about any of this they would lose their shit and call an exorcist or something. How long would you say it took you to be aware of Belials identity and what helped?

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You’re welcome!

If it needs to be kept secret that’s certainly a reason they’ll shield their identity. Might be an indication that they want you to learn to be more discerning with who you speak with about it before they lead you to an answer. That or they may want you to delve deeper into magick and will make the reveal when you’re ready.

It was ~25 years of being aware of him as a distinct spirit before I knew his identity, though for much of the time I hadn’t even sought to find it (as before, I thought this spirit was more like a personal djinn). Once I’d directly asked “who are you?” he started me on a path pretty immediately after to find the answer. Within a year I’d been given enough signs to confirm it was him.

I had a similar experience with Azazel, though he’s always been far more distant. In both instances I was thrown puzzles to sort out, both of which have led to magickal advancement and gaining knowledge prompted by such.

There were some difficulties on my part with accepting the information on Belial’s identity (even when the name and signs matched perfectly with the spirit’s energy), but he kept at it. I’m grateful for his patience with both my skepticism and later distance.
(That’s not to say he’s not incredibly challenging to work with in other ways though lol)

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I have a similar case where spiritual person who can see beyound this realm they keep saying there is someone protecting me, and they look like me and another said they say its a guardian but i really need to know how to find out who it is

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The movie Storm of The Century by Stephen King gives an example of Illusions created in the minds of people to hide a person’s identity as well as create objects that are not there. Also Changelings can Shape Shift into other people, animals, objects, etc.

In this case it’s sounds like it could be a manifestation of your own self. Like a higher self type of thing.