Why worship/work with a spirit?

So I was having a conversation today and it made me ask the question why practice something like demonolatry? Or any religion for that matter? What does the entity do for you and why is it beneficial vs doing it yourself with no “outside help” other than your own will and personal power.

I am a pre initiate into Daemonolatry so I don’t say this to be offensive to anyone ahead of me practicing.

It’s just what the conversation inspired me to ask about.

Yesterday I summoned Lucifer using the pathworking book I believe I was able to visualize him and also had a dream influenced by him


My deity is my teacher and mentor, she teach me to be dignified even when going down with the ship…which I admit is hard.

I believe in her wisdom and ability in ways I know I am not capable of.

Also, I consider most people to be unenlightened brutes, so she keeps my hopes up that one day there will be a divine people in the world, and that she will aid in that transformation.

So, humans bad, goddess good.


I practice my path because it leads me to know about myself and it’s fun to me, why I work with the entities I’ve come across, mainly because they so happen to have a connection that comes prior to this life and rekindling them seems nice to do. Connections are pretty useful.


This is how he came to ask that question for himself, in itself he has to deduce the answer that meets his demand and demand. you claim that: /// why practice something like demonolatry? Or some religion for that matter? What does the entity do for you and why is it beneficial vs. doing it yourself without other “outside help” other than your own will and personal power? ////

Man possesses 3 Levels of Mind: Subconscious, Conscious and Unconscious. When you ask your question, it is because at the level of the subconscious, you cannot find an answer because you do not find the need for external help when you can achieve your goals of your own accord. When you do not find the answer, you pass the restlessness to the Conscious and decide to come to the forum. to look for an answer that really fills the big question … why an outside help? when I have everything in my power to achieve what I want! As much as it is explained to you if you do not live it, do not feel it, do not feel it, it is like a body without a soul, a heart without a life or an abyss without depth. You can rationalize the thousands of anecdotes, testimonies and events but the scientific method that beats in your words implies that you are to take the bull by the horns, it is not simple observer motivates the action and be part of the process, That is why I advise you to look carefully for the answer by your own experiences because, no matter how much you are told or testified, you have to see the boil before certifying the steam and it is better that you achieve it because if it passes to the unconscious that remittance would be very harmful for its development by putting it on the edge of the ellipticalism Good wishes!

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Because i need to talk, learn from, and work with “people” who know what they are doing over the actual people I deal with every day. It’s more a mentorship, friendship or familial bond to me than a traditional idea of worship.


Consider a deity or spirit like a repository of power and worship as the act of taking from this repository.


Consider a deity or spirit like a repository of power and worship as the act of taking from this repository.

There’s also that.

re·li·gion as the dictionary defines it:

  1. the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

Taken in that context if just one person believes in the above then you are considered part of a religion. Now whether you believe in the controlling power part or not is up to you.

As a newer person, one of the things you really do need in place is a working system, you could get that from books, other people etc but in my experience and if you read the thousands of posts on here from new people asking “where do they start” it just seems like a sensible thing to do.

It gives you an opportunity to discuss with like minded individuals and a basic foundation which undoubtedly you will build on one day.

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Thank you for this who is your matron?

For me personally it’s very much my own will, you only get out of magick what you can put into it.

If I summon I am seeking guidance, this allows me to tap in to the collective to retrieve the answers I am looking for which otherwise I might not have found.

There is a whole world of knowledge out there that your about to step into and be forever changed. I am super excited for you.

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It’s a preemptive instinct to find classifications of identities and energies that intertwine with us. The atheist would believe in none than their self. But I look beyond that and live by the perception “believe it, to see it”.

The daemons are the ancient teachers of humanity. They’re in particular regarded as gods or higher rulers which govern specific terrains and aspects of the universe.

Black magick is an extreme sport to me. If you’re going to do it — go through with it and take it real fucking serious and you’ll seriously feel something that you’ve needed felt for a while :wink:

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1- Demons are great teachers, friends and lovers.
2- I like to be within a frame and then adding things to that frame, and thelema is great for that purpose, if you interpret the Book of the Law like I do.
3- Working with my Higher Self (I like to call him Holy Guardian Angel) and my overall set of skills, doing my true will, has made me need less and less the help of external entities, but I still work with them when they are needed, and to be honest, I like to spend time with them as they are the best friends I’ve ever had.

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I call her Lady Sovereign, and she seems fairly pleased with that title.
She is a goddess of Light (along with Shadow and Fire) and Royalty, and I act out her designs as a prophet and avatar.

I will someday soon introduce her to the forum properly.

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I really appreciate all you guys

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Because I search for the Truth. My own Truth.

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Sounds like trying to view them as an object lol in which case normally doesn’t turn out well.

I’m giving a perspective. Not the one I use, but one someone else can use.

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Why is that? This always intrigued me too because I’ve always viewed magick as a means to an end; whereas it seems far more intimate and personal then I’d have ever imagine when learning about other’s experiences.

Because theyre living entities who long predate you, magick is not the same as viewing Divine beings, at least the Gods, but demons as well treating as objects. Magick is a tool because it’s literally you manipulating your own energy but when you are calling on beings for help it’s best to show respect and not treat them as tools because in the end they don’t need you but you need them.

Do the deities tend to dislike it when you worship more than one of them?