Why we not try to take over the world? (at least a country!)

Hello everyone. Maybe you think this topic so silly or childish, but I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. We are almost(especially experienced magicians) the most superior persons in the world. Maybe we are not extremely rich, or we dont have influential friends in high places, but we have the MAGİCK! more importantly, we can able use this for our ambitions, unlike coward, ethic-fetishist RHP’s. I’m sure we can manipulate some ignorant politicians and bureaucrats. Its sounds funny, but I prepare some qucik steps :grin:
1.Detect an country (it doesn’t necessarily have to be America. Can be moderate country, like a European country)
2.Establish a secret organization/cult/order/coven whatever you named.
3.Firstly, we must get rid of all other magicians or occultist who may opposes us.When there is no one left to challenge us with magic, the ordinary people will be vulnerable.
4.Thus, we slowly infiltrate the army,political parties, and other important sides with manipulating and ruling people through magic.
5.We can cause chaos, coup or use an another way to take control.
6.İmagine, all world or a big country, ruled by intellectual-magician elite class. For me, this can be a Golden Age. We destroy all JCİ zealots, and give people freedom and justice. We can teach people old ways,magic, and stuff like that.
I know you think “as if we never thought of it, smartass” but I want debate with you this matter. I’m really curious about your thoughts on this matter. You even ask for this to spirits!

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Sorry, but this topic is of a political bent and thus is against the new forum rule. Flagged for the moderator.


Cuz I’m too fucking lazy, okay??


Come on, this is only a funny dream. I certainly not mean politics. If I violate any rule, I apologize.

I know, but the topic is almost guaranteed to go in that direction, because everyone believes their own particular political point of view is correct, and, really, there is no point in taking over a country except to push your own point of view on how things should be run anyway.

Therefore, it is the moderator’s decision if this thread will stand or not.


Childish and a waste of time to think a bunch of newbies could run with the Big Boys.


It’s been done, and we’re living with the results. Replacing one oligarchy with another isn’t going to help, imo.


Watch it, there are Awakened Magicians around. They are immune to magick and entities. There are greater powers out there than entities and spells.

Only thing that will fix it would be anarchy, and that will lead to lots of bloodshed before things settle.

although, with me being who I am, I wouldn’t be add Jet Lee opposed to the idea of the human population being taken down to less than a billion, regardless, it’s not the best way to go about things.

Kind of like choosing who’s going to eat you for dinner, a cheetah, or a bear. You’re still being eaten, it’s just how long is it going to take to be devoured.

Hear! Hear!

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This whole anti-political posting rules me out from discussing my (Aeonic) Magick because for the last twelve years I’ve been destroying the lives of millions of people, the majority of whom will be conceived long after I’m dead. That’s the nature of Aeonics, it’s political (just not party political) and so few actually do it.

The O.N.A. taught me the rudiments of this Magick but my application thereof has destroyed (or at least set back, maybe for centuries) their Aeonic workings. Too bad. So sad. It wasn’t meant to be like that but when people fuck with me I fuck with them – and I have Big Time.

IF I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a cemetery field
That is forever nicotine poisoned. There shall be
In that rich earth, tobacco essence concealed;
An essence which pipes and cigars bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave once tobacco seeds to sow and home grown leaves to smoke,
A body of nicotine’s, breathing smoke-filled air,
Drinking top shelf drinks, fortified by the snuff of home.

And think, this heart, all ashtrays shed away,
A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
Gives somewhere back the smells by cigarettes given;
Their aroma and delight; dreams happy as a robusto corona;
And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
In hearts at peace, under a No Smoking sign.



The Nakash own this world that’s why!
“Yeah let’s try and fight a near limitless army of subterranean telepathic reptiles”.

I am LHP but that mind set could bite one in the ass. No matter how good one is at magical there are always better out there. On the other side these beings have practiced since who knows when.

I do not think it would result in a big war, realistically it would be a swift nip in the bud. The party trying to create such heavy anarchy and anti right would just be squashed. Evil spirits and when I say evil I mean ones who want to hurt and fuck with humans would have a field day. Yes magick feels empowering but make no mistake arrogance is not tolerated. Even if you’re LHP if you show up power hungry demons will stop that. Keep in mind Solomon capturing the 72 they would not want a repeat.

Headline of News Outlets “Forum Members of Black Magicians Indicted For Conspiracy To Overthrow Country”
In the latest reports, US based forum members were arrested for inciting the overthrow of a government in a working thread of black chaos magic. Members with more common sense were silenced from advising against stupid ideas for the sake of ego and simply shrugged. Nobody listened and those involved were taken into custody…"

LOL. But hey, go for it.

I’m already in yr politics running yr worldz.

Serious answer, yes, this thread will become political because to many of us (with different worldviews) we are ALREADY affecting events to create our desired outcome, so it’s not a “hey wouldn’t it be fun if…?” scenario, so much as a “Yeah we’re already on it and getting result, but no political posting is the rule round here now” kind of scenario.

But if you wondered were you alone in thinking this, the answer is nope. :smiley_cat: