Why we need pathworking systems?

I mean,if you already mastered divination,evocation,and soul travel by the other courses there is no reason to put other pathworking courses like black magick training course or viking magick course or even haitian vodoun course.anyone can explain that to me?

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If you know English, why learn Russian Language and history if you visit Russia?

You have basic skills, now understand them in a universal context.


I guess it’s like asking, why work with spirits at all if YOU are the living god manifest as man - and yet we do. :smiley:

Personal taste, that these currents expand the Mind (of the All) within, and so on, I mean I had healed, harmed, changed reality, but my own practice and therefore power became fully-fleshed out when I began working with “demonic” currents, and I would not have believed that to be the case in the past. :thinking:

Also, it’s one thing to “have” the courses - another to LIVE them use them, so many people have gigabytes of free PDFs for example and yet cannot manifest a £5 note, or a banana… so, courses that have specific currents embodied within them will reach deeper and make the learning more available to some people.


The more you know, the more you know how much you don’t know… something like that


If you wish to learn skills from a certain path, you must start at the beginning.

I know how to do basic vapirism, but I cannot skip to the vampirism technique outlined in the BMoA as there are lots of prerequisites. Hell, there is a warning in the book about doing that stating that it can cause the destruction of the practitioner.

Just like when you went through the pathworking for those skills, you must begin somewhere to learn anything.

You can’t start at the end of a book to understand, is I guess what I’m getting at.


Pathworking is a way to further develop, hone and ground your skills, existing or new. The Path of the Dragon is a path demanding the embrace of change. The Lovecraftian path is the path of Nightmares. Satanism is the path of duality and self-interest. The Chaos paradigm is a path of creation from non-dual and random inspiration… I can go on and on. It’s not as much about the fact you can soul-travel as it is the fact that everyone has their untamed Nightside that they must come to terms with. Fear, hate and sorrow are not weaknesses but emotions that we must learn to accept. Unfortunately most people can’t live with that fact and become empty shells of desperation. The LHP seeks to become full human beings, and this means accepting the darkness in yourself.


So accurate !


How could you know all this stuff about paths?.I really need those infos

I need the structure of pathworking, especially in the beginning

Deep! But so damn true!


I know how to drive a car, but I don’t know the path to Albuquerque without a map!

Some knowledge can not be learned just be being told. It can only be learned through experience by doing.

I wonder if the OP question is driven by a fundamental misunderstanding about what a pathworking is, what the nature of a pathworking is.

For instance, just because I might know basic anatomy and physiology, and basic pharmacology, that doesn’t qualify me to be a physician. Much of a physician’s training and education takes place experientially after all the medical school classes have long since been completed. A clinical residency must be completed afterward to gain specialized experiential knowledge toward a clinical specialization to become an expert. A pathworking is a magickian’s residency. It acts as a catalyst for the necessary internal structural changes to occur in the service of ascension and becoming. It also makes a magickian more expert in particular currents- such as voudon, draconian, path of smoke, etc


I thought the same thing until very recently, when I threw in my towel and began a pathworking myself. I am 5 days in and I am learning things I had never thought of, in ways I didn’t know were possible, from things I had never considered, and at a rate that terrifies me. My mind and world view are shifting like tectonic plates, and while I knew a lot of things about things, I did not have a reference for how it could all fit together. 5 days, out of 216, and I can’t even see where I began.


I’ve decided to study quite a few magic systems and it really all comes down to… well, study. You don’t really become an adept in any system overnight. It requires some reading, energy-work, regular practice and/or talking to the gods of the path. Maybe some failures, too, but as long as you’re persistent you can be successful.


Might I ask what your path is ? Or is that personal ?

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