Why was this guy so persistent about taking my tea cup that I drank from?

So I recently met this guy after I broke up with my ex, right around the full moon. I started acting and feeling weird , even almost controlled by him. I brushed it off because I was so busy.

So we meet for a coffee and go into his car to have a private conversation. We’re parked in the parking lot, and right next to us is a garbage can. When I was about to leave, I was going to grab my cup (that was a paper cup) and throw it out. And why wouldn’t I, if there’s a trash can next to us?

But then he keeps persisting on keeping the cup, saying he’d rather just throw it out. I felt „off“ about it, and something kept telling me not to allow this. I brushed it off and just left.

I actually had a great time, but something kept making me think of obsession or lust spells. I hadn’t thought of this for a long time, but after that tea cup incident I find mYself feeling obsessed like I can’t live without him. I don’t even know him. I’ve had this happen to me before, I cleansed and feelings went away. Today he texted me good morning, read it but didn’t reply. I felt like I wanted to jump off a bridge!!! I’m not like this!

I clearly stated my intentions which would be FWB and agreed he wanted the same thing… yet… He keeps saying how he doesn’t want a relationship and he doesn’t want that drama… but I never even asked him…

It’s weird… I feel so aroused by him but depressed and obsessed. It’s like… constant… I don’t know, it’s so creepy. I almost feel like I’m possessed. I also feel SUPER drained, like if he did something to me , or drained my life force. He knows that I’ve had multiple options, so suddenly I’ve noticed I feel very unattractive, and people don’t want to talk to me as much as they did before this strange incident…

So my question is: do you guys think he’s done something to me? It would actually make logical sense given his personality, his denial about not wanting a relationship, the tea cup, and how I suddenly feel I can’t live without him, all these increasing during the full moon.

I don’t want to sound paranoid, but seriously… what the Heck was that all about. And he kind of grabbed the tea cup so I wouldn’t take it. Lmao


At first it felt like Lust, now it feels like pure enslavement. But I’d love feedback.

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Okay, well first, divination.

Get someone to read it.

But that being said, either way, you need to get rid of these feelings whether they’re from magick or not

Hate to self advertise, but this is easier

Call on me, just say my name while looking at this picture. Ask me to eradicate any unwanted feelings or enchantments placed on you, and protect you from more with a barrier.


crap not my full sigil

This is


He probably did, and those things are hard break.

First you should clean your space, especially where you sleep, with whichever method you prefer, I smoke it out with incense and put sea salt by the window seals and door ways.

I also then uncross, I prefer the tea bath method.

And then I carry black tourmaline.

Remember these feelings aren’t natural, keep reminding yourself that develop a pattern of when you think about him you move on to something else. Through repetition becomes reality.


As far as the persistence goes, sympathetic magic generally calls for personal concerns which can be saliva, semen, blood, hair, nail clippings, underwear… etc etc.

It’s used to make a stronger energetic link between the target and your magic.

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yeah im not so sure. This is the second time you’ve made a post where you felt like someone had cast a love spell on you. You should know that the likelihood of you randomly running into just one practising occultist who would also cast a love spell on you is fairly rare…but two? I mean, unless you only date guys that you meet at your masonic lodge meetings, I would be skeptical about your thoughts on this. If you were in a room with a thousand people…you’d be lucky to stumble upon one occultist. I was skeptical the first time, but this time around I’m definitely in disbelief. You sure you’re not just being paranoid?

P.S. if he says he doesn’t want a relationship, that increases the likelihood that he isn’t using magick. Why use magick on a woman, have the spell seemingly work, but push her away? You would only do that if you were trying to get some kind of revenge. I remain skeptical


Either he wanted to recycle the cup, or he wanted to have something that was linked to you around for a specific purpose, including magick. So, probably. He could have held the cup in front of him and jacked off into it as a kink, that would still count as magick because he would be building up energy focused on a desire and releasing it, even if he didn’t know it. So, I guess that the lesson here is to be willing to suffer from dehydration if you’re going to go on a date. Jots down some notes in my personal magick journal

I didn’t realize she’d posted something similar in the past lmao.

I actually totally missed someone in my life being a practitioner, despite dating their son, who had similar gifts as mine… because the odds are so low I dismissed it as totally illogical lmao…

The odds had to be low. Had to be real low. I’ve lived long enough to know normal people don’t see what I see etc lmao, so yeah. Two people after you magically, I’d dismiss that all together unless you are in some dating pool that would lead you to these type of people or you were doing work to bring in magically minded individuals for you to date. Seems the occultist on our forums do that sometimes, everyone wants to date a witch for some reason :woman_shrugging: :woman_facepalming:

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I think that was a big clue that he’s doing magick There is no difference if he throws it out or you throw it out. I mean, the trashcan is right there. No normal person would argue throwing trash away. If he wanted to recycle then he could of said that but he didn’t. So the recycle assumption excuse is invalid.

You also gotta ask yourself. has these type of emotional feelings happen before? Is it your norm in relating to people? Any enemies that can be other people that can cast a curse?

Process of elimination using logic helps. IF you are the type to jump to conclusions with wild imagination then it might not be spells. :man_shrugging:


I defeat situations like this by just dropping it… Letting it go. Meditation and mindfulness meditations are what gives one this ability.

This kind of thinking happens all the time, so I am always just letting things go. We have to accept that we cannot know the intentions of others. Ofc, he probably knows little about magick, but it’s also possible that one w/o magical knowledge can also have power?

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Well, I’ve got three points to make that concern what you said, just as a contrarian point of view to all this.

Point 1) In all my years of being in the occult and reading people’s stories concerning love Magick, it’s actually kinda rare for me to see someone actually bother to collect a fetish item of the target, unless it’s an ex who left stuff around that can be easily used. But most people don’t have the balls to really try and collect a link like that from some random tinder match or whatever. It’s not necessary to have a fetish item in order to snag a person sexually via Magick.

Point 2) if she’s already feeling these deep feelings of love for this guy…even before the teacup incident…clearly he’s aware that you don’t need such an item to get a girl into you via Magick (assuming he’s an occultist at all). I mean, I’m just making a logical step here. If what she says is true, and all these feelings that are manifesting in her is due to his spellcasting…well, clearly he never had a need for the teacup, because even before meeting him she was feeling “controlled by him” as she put it. Truly, all that is really required for such a spell is a picture…or even just a name

Point 3) The obvious move in this case, if he really wanted the teacup for nefarious purposes…was to just let her throw it out in the trash can next to them, then go get it once she left…versus making her wary like that. That’s what I would have done. I would’ve just been like, “okay no problem…there’s a trash can right there”…and she would not have known the wiser

To me, this whole thing sounds like he was just trying too hard to be an “excuse me mi’lady” gentleman and carry her trash out like a good Knight of the round table, and the OP got paranoid by it because she apparently had this same sort of thing happen to her before. I just think the likelihood of her running into another LHP occultist like this is slim…buuut, I could be wrong


This is a real interesting thread.

OP have you considered the possibility that if you ARE running into black magicians who keep casting magick on you so much that it’s happening because you are manifesting these occurrences?

You don’t manifest “accidentally” but you CAN manifest unconsciously.

So what is causing you to manifest such things, assuming you are?

And from what I can tell, even black magick doesn’t so much put feelings into you as bring out feelings you already have and manipulate them, magnify them, control them, etc.

In which case, you may be manifesting these occurrences so you can be forced to face certain internal blockages in need of healing. Figure otu the blockage in need of healing and heal it. Then these feelings likely fall away.

But maybe I’m wrong. Who knows?

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Wow! Reading this made me feel a lot of emotion/trigger some memories.

I was mainly raised by a woman who did black magic on just about anyone she wanted to. I would overhear her talking about obsession spells. Up until 7 years ago, I felt I wasn’t in control of my life and they always put in my head id have to give up my life for a man. (Which obviously isn’t true). The thing about giving up my life for a guy would be obviously Someone doing spells on me, and it being so strong I’d lose all free will. My aunt would talk about things like that. I didn’t realize how much it affected me til Now

I was always paranoid about magic because people in my family were constantly casting on men they wanted, The men always turned out to be too possessive, and controlling but yet acted like their slaves if the women in my family demanded. It was and is such a strange combination. and doing curses on anyone they hated.

There was always this thing in my family too, where everyone hid dark secrets, and had double lives. I think all these go hand in hand.

And it’s so true. I do meet many people with double lives, dark secrets. Many people I’ve met have either used magic (which is fine), or gotten what they wanted in some cut throat way. So yeah I’ve definitely manifested that from past family trauma.

Thank you so much for your comment. It definitely brought light to a bigger issue.

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Awesome! I’m glad I was able to help someone on here! That has just made MY day. I was feeling pretty inadequate really. I’m glad I was actually useful enough to be able to help someone.

Perhaps you might want to contact an entity known for healing, like Archangel Raphael or the Norse goddess Eir, for example?

Also, I have been healing from C-PTSD rooted in deeply buried early trauma. The healing process is still ongoing, but I’ve made great strides.

One thing which has REALLY helped me a lot that a lot of people kind of disregard a lot is subliminal affirmation software from a certain maker. If you want, you can DM me and I’ll give some recommendations. I don’t want to spam on the site or anything, it’s just that this guy’s subs have made a huge difference for me so far in the course of 3 years. He is MILES beyond where everyone else is at. He has uncovered A LOT of stuff about not just the ins and outs of subliminal affirmation software, but A LOT of other stuff.

He claims to be a scientist, because he subjects everything to the scientific method, but he very much blurs the lines between science and magick and this point. As far as manifestation magick is concerned, this guy is a pro, and he doesn’t even consider himself a witch or anything. He also seems very knowledgeable about tarot and astrology for divination purposes (also subjected thoroughly to scientific experimentation, interestingly enough)

DM me if you want recommendations. Otherwise, I’m just glad I was able to help as much as I was. Highlight of my day LOL

I hope your healing goes well, goes smoothly, and proceeds swiftly.

Take care :slight_smile:

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Well, I was surprised to know how many people that I met actually was practitiones to some degree (mostly uneducated armchair ones tho, with a severe case of magus-itis). So there definitily is some chances. Not much, but not impossible either.

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Thank you.

Yes, I was raised by many practitioners. Some are just really good at directing energy, even if they don’t know it. I’m also surrounded by tons of people who’ve used magic to achieve wealth, so it’s actually pretty normal and common for me to attract this type of person. I even expect it…

But hey, maybe I am paranoid. Either way, I’ve cut contact with this Mann anyway. Despite having met all sorts of men who seemed nice and didn’t have such a strange effect on me, he gave me vibes that made me feel uncomfortable. I removed whatever that was, and now I feel normal again. How funny…

Paranoid or not - it’s always better safe than sorry, I suppose.

So I don’t dare to give any advises, but if I were in similar situation - I’d do archangel evocation to sever that emotional bond and/or remove any spells of that kind (or any other entity honestly - I just happen to work with archangels more lately, and they get things done for me and mine FAST and effective).

Then… I’d probably consider throwing some of the most potent baneful shit I can muster at the operator that did the spell. Given than I: a) Confident enough in my ability to wage a confrontation if it occurs, b) Include specification that any effects may occur ONLY if the person really did the spell, and c) Will not regret seeng that person hurt badly.

Such spells, being cast on me and mine, I consider among the lines of a rape attempt, see it as an open (or even worse, sneaky) hostility and thus a reason for retaliation.

But It’s just my opinion on your situation, of couurse. I am still not at all a master magician, so not trying to speak with any authority or something. :wink:

P.S.: My apologies for my English, if it’s bad. Still learning it lol.