Why this never works for me!

Hi, I am really crying today, just broken. Even if I am 30 years old I never got a driving license. So I am trying really hard to get it in the past 10 months, I failed the test 4 times, today the 4th. The thing that makes me depressed is that I know I can do it, driving school said I can do the test, but at the test my performances are horrible, plus I have some misfortune I can give you some example. I live in Sweden but my swedish is really basic, today at the test the inspector lady was very upset about this and she pretended to not speak english (my instructor said she was lying) and she really made a point that it was so bad i couldn’t speak the language, even if you can chose your language for the test, some people do it in arabic, just saying… Anyway, first time I tryied the test i did 11 days angel ritual from Damon Brand book, asking Yezelel to support and help me…failed. Second time I have asked Belial to help me, sigil, promise of public thanks and drops of blood as thank you, and I failed. Then I didn’t do any ritual at all, I failed. This time I have asked Dantalion to change my mood and make me positive and change other people feeling to make them want to help me, and I got the racist lady instead. My question is WHY and HOW I can fix this, I also saw a hypnotherapist to ease my anxiety, and i thought it was working good. I tried everything, in mundane way with lot of lessons (school approved me to the test…) and therapy. I tried rituals, I am just a failure. why? I feel so sad.

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Have faith in yourself.

I suggest you use daily visualization. See yourself driving and passing the test successfully. Do that for 10 days before the test. Everyday, 2 or 3 times per day, 10 to 15 minutes each time. Best if you could do it before you sleep.

Don’t daydream. Really do it and live it, the same way it would happen in reality.

I believe you’ll have positive results.


I have read reality transurfing by Vadim Zeland, so actually I did visualizations between one test and another, not this time though… I can keep doing it, maybe with more regularity, thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:


Mate, sorry to hear about the issues you’re having. May I ask what exactly did you ask Belial to do for you? Also, can you tell us how exactly you went about opening his Sigil and communication?

You see, when we’re working with entities, it’s important to note what is the best way in which they can help / aid your situation. The goal is to pass the test. The issues are possibly confidence and the people you’re dealing with.

In regards to the inspector, you’re better off visualising a day or so before of the experience you have during your test. Visualise exactly how you wish the entire test to go, all the way to when they inform you that you passed. I do this for almost every business meeting I have and it’s never failed me.

Regarding your request from Belial, it would be far better to ask belial to give you the confidence to perform at your absolute best for the test.

Keep going, mate. Do not give up. Use the emotions you’re feeling right now to create the experience you want to have.

All the best!


Thanks for the reply. I am feeling so sad. I feel very delusional right now (and so stupid yes). I have to say Damon Brand books never worked for me, now that I remember, I did the 11 days ritual plus the sigil to pass exams long before the test. About Belial, I did the request the day before and maybe I was already too in panic and that didn’t even work probably. The first time I was not that panicked but keep failing is making me depressed and scared every time more and more… I performed rituals for other and they normally go much better than when i do for myself. And today I have just asked to feel confident and happy and I was shaking. I will do visualization for sure, I did a lot thinking about having the license in my hands, maybe I should try with the test instead.

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This usually works because you don’t have the emotional attachment, nor any real resistance towards someone else’s results.

I’d suggest you evoke Belial again asking for his help in building your confidence in yourself and in your abilities in performing the test to the best of what is required to pass. Give Belial and yourself plenty of time. You see, we must first vibrate that which we seek.

If you continue vibrating the feeling of loss, failure, etc, then that is what you manifest. Instead, use the energy of sadness now to fuel your magick. If you need to cry, do so, do it upon Belial’s sigil. Pour your heart out to him.

When your tears dry up, reach inside yourself and pull out that new found purpose. Then, you command to yourself, in the presence of Belial’s sigil that you will do it.

Reassess the entire test. Look at what’s been common in all four tests you have already done. Consider the parts that you are not so good at, then devise a way to get better.

Proper planning + targeted magick is going to get you the success you want!


Thank you so much! I have a question for you, one thing that scares me is that often I read that Belial doesn’t like “weak” people, and I really don’t want to displease him as right now I am very emotional but I DO want to be stronger, more self esteem, more trust in myself that now I am missing, so I do want his help to change this aspect of me that is blocking me. I will do what you suggest, as soon as I will be finally alone at home, I will cry a river on the sigil asking to make me strong and resolute to get my goal. It is a weird situation because I am not like this in other things, job interviews for example, I feel always top confident. My hypnotherapist said I have some traumas that this driving thing is triggering in me, I really want to get rid of weakness and depression. So I want to command myself to get rid of this blockages and do the right thing! thanks!

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Probably that is your biggest wish. I know magicians who blocked their selves and you should destroy first that blockage. Its really a strange thing

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Hi Rav, yes it is something i really want. Not my biggest dream but still something that made me feel bad as everyone can drive except myself. That’s why i seek the hypnotherapy when i felt i need to unblock some unconscious things. Looks like that did not work as well :frowning:

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I’ve not known Belial to discriminate on trivialities. If anything, he wants you to be empowered and self reliant. He’d be the best being to help you walk in your own power.

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Following your suggestions guy, today that I finally had some energy, I have started the visualization process and I called Belial. I have asked him to guide me and help me in changing myself to empower me and get the strenght necessary. I feel like I have started a new path. I would like to keep you posted with news but I have no rush, I will follow his pace and time as I know he knows better than me what is necessary.

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