Why there are very few shops that offer black magic products?

I think I’m going to start on etsy, it doesn’t matter if my products shock a little bit, I’ll keep you informed and try to put an affordable price on quality products, even if it takes a lot of work to make them.


I’d definitely be interested in this!


I would just be careful with biological remains (human and animal mainly) to avoid any legal trouble, especially if shipping to the US.

For the record, it is definitely illegal to send animal remains through the United States Postal Service, and customs does randomly inspect packages (yes, even from private carriers). I strongly recommend not trying to get around this; it’s not worth getting into legal trouble.


everything is possible, all you have to do is get better informed about the law.
it’s more complex than that and you have to look at the law of different countries, there’s a clear difference between sent wild animals and domestic animals parts , as well as the human parts, many specialized shops do not sell wild animals internationally, because you need a license. Concerning, the rest there is no problem and it is sent by post and usps without problem and legally.


Personally i prefer to make my own powders and oils because the creation proces itself is imo very crucial for the working itself and the projection of your intent.
A book with all types of recipes would be very nice.

But that does not mean i dont like your idea.
The opposite, would be nice to have a shop like that around.
A book with recipes on the other hand wouldn’t be such a bad idea either since you seem to have lots of great things to offer.


Yes, it is always better to do everything yourself. I don’t know, I never thought about writing a recipe book, ritual book, etc. I’ll think about it.


I think I’ll start with a road closed powder then, I’ll add necromancer ink, fascination powder, astral parasitic powder, food poison powder, death dust, explosive flash back fire, evil water bomb etc… I think it’s useless to offer oils, everyone can do it alone by letting the powder infuse in an oil to make it more economical, but offer lotions yes, because I can add extra power.


Phoenix, Az

Great shop here is you are in the area.

Does anybody know of any occult shops in the UK?

I haven’t been able to find one in my town.
We used to have one a few years ago but it closed down.
Would be open to recommendation of online stores as well.

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Yeah i noticed that too. So very disappointing.

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Yes, that’s why I propose to get started and if some people also have some knowledge that they don’t hesitate to do the same, I have my domains especially in voodoo, so if some people want to practice certain loa, I could also make altar boxes, which I would have opened with a ceremony, accompanied by an explanation to practice such a loa, I could also propose in the future a zombification powder, very expensive to make used by women of a secret werewolf society found in haiti and the caribbean, which is used to dominate and make obedient and stupid a man to steal everything from them.

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Remember that a lot of these so-called love and light shops have extreme issues with Black magicians.

I came under psychic attack from one of the shops after spending money at the shop. I don’t know why they attacked me, but I spent the next three days removing barbs, spines, and arrows out of my ethereal body. Most of them went into my neck.

I considered cursing the shop, but ultimately decided it was a waste of my power.

I think it’s the same everywhere, of course not all the shops, some shops where I went, have protections to prevent black wizards from staying there and make them feel very bad and leave.
I’ve only had one time where I’ve been attacked for no particular reason, most of the time it’s bad looks and unpleasant remarks once you leave their shops.

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Ive been there. I checked out a wiccan run store once when i was less experienced. I went in with a friend. The woman at the counter was staring us down hardcore. My only thought is that we looked like we didnt belong. Fuck people like that you run a magick shop you should be a little more open minded.


Are you referring to Fantasia’s?

I heard some really interesting things about Sedona AZ when it comes to occult things.

Sedona is full of hippies who can’t afford New Mexico.

Seriously, unless you’re into ley lines, crystals, maybe ayahuasca, and getting run off the road by Arizona’s terrifying drivers, you might prefer New Orleans.


I would absolutely frequent your store for some of the things you are talking about!

Well leylines do have an important role given the ambient energy around us is from said leylines, and crystals are cool and all but not a main focus of mine lol…ayahuasca maybe lmao. New Orleans my bf wants to avoid because he had a dream he and I went there and came across this weird vampyre cult…in which case he got a name in that dream as well, so we googled it and we found, just what he dreamed lol this weird vampyre cult in New Orleans lol.

So New Orleans is out…well, there’s still Salem, and not every witch is a love-and-light fluffy bunny…

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