Why the fuck won't it work?

So a week or so ago. I became a God. Well, for all intents anyway. I turned a corner into my bathroom and a picture of talked to many times suddenly had the sinister feel of the devil in me. In a small ritual I placed my left hand over this devil of my creation. My right hand on the sigil of Raphael medallion I made, over my heart chakra. In an involuntary spat of what felt like possession and yet was not. Something in me woke up and uttered the words within this world and the astral plain the following words in a voice not my own… At least not my normal voice:

I am God.

It was, as I’ve come to understand another level of awakening. In fact I guarantee it sounds similar to someone else’s experience within these forms if not many. So it has been, in a way demystified a bit, but it still speaks volumes as to where I am in growth of consciousness. In my spiritual evolution… So why do two things STILL not work for me?

I find that if I follow the pattern laid out by both bashar and EA Koetting… And many many others of putting effort into willing something to happen then letting it go completely I can usually get some grabass version of what I want. I get more money I found a better person to buy weed from… But two things elude me. I no longer fear disease because I wear both the flower of life and the sigil of Raphael and also understand the basics of energy work… So I can repair just about anything with my knowledge in holistic health and magick… But money, as in plenty of, and sex, or romance to be more specific are a constant fight to make any headway or get anywhere. It’s become such a frustration that today I exploded with rage at the universal forces because it has been so long since I have had a truly satisfying romantic encounter that left me feeling really good that I am almost at my ropes end. I mean I’m not going to really kill myself, but this girl was everything I wanted and then POOF… It all falls apart the spell fails right as things ar are going so well and now I’m left ready to put my head through a wall from frustration. LoL… I can become invisible to those that would subdue me. Even authorities… But I can’t get laid, even with magick to save my life. Please… What am I doing wrong?

I’m not trying to place limitations in your mind, but it seems to me that 1. manipulating the free will of another person to make them want you for sex or love, is a harder thing that getting a promotion or whatever - not saying it can’t be done, just that it requires more power, which comes through consistent long-term practice.

It also helps if you’re already pretty hot, so that’s a whole variable, and not all women like all “types” so for example I can see that George Clooney is a gorgeous-looking man, but I’m not sexually attracted to him, and with women that seems to be all about us screening for problems with the baby our bodies are always planning ahead for.

  1. money is a very observed phenomena, especially in these days of electronic currency and anti-money laudering regulations - I could almost guarantee I can find (if I really wanted to) an expensive designer handbag for some special occasion at reduced price in a second-hand shop, because the gateways of probability for that are wide and less limited by people tracking them at every stage - but manifesting, in a short period, the sum of cash to get the same thing new, I’d struggle with that.

Like I said, not trying to put my own personal observations on you as limitations, but those seem to be why those areas are harder for some of us than getting a promotion or manifesting the right kinds of people for other purposes, etc.

IMO the best thing you can do is work on becoming magnetically attractive to the right woman/women, and keep all probable channels open to meet someone - and also all probable channels for a large and sustained increase in income.

(Yeah, that looks lame even to me!)

It’s not your magick it’s you. Your adittude towards it is wrong. If you do a spell to bring a lover to you it works but you still have to seal the deal with charm and sex appeal.

There’s a book it’s called the Tao of Badass, read it. Then cast a spell to increase your sex appeal. If you do a spell for money you will get a few bucks here or there. Instead do a spell for wealth and the universe will set it up so you can create some sort of revenue streams like businesses and investment opportunities that can pay you monthly.
Then cast a spell to make yourself more clever with your finances and back it up by buying a few books on the matter.

But if you think it is a technical problem with manipulating thought forms or forces actually getting the theta state etc. Then PM me and give me details on what you are doing and I’ll see if I can’t help.

Hi buddy, you know something…money and love can be fuckers at times and it’s not got anything to do with their nature, it’s usually just the situation that can put us out of touch with it. I suppose many here will want money and love or sex and that’s fine but these elements tend to make us go about it in an awkward fashion at times?

Firstly romance, love and sex…

We usually decide we want this at that exact moment when we crave for it the most, when we see some horny babe who we want to devour, we construct some strategy or ritual to try and either capture her specifically, or we try in other ways to forcefully make it happen in general. All this can amount to desperation and a weak type of manipulation. I would never judge you or tell you what to do but if you want some advise, never set your sights on one girl as it takes two to tango and if she doesn’t want to dance then so be it > Trying to manipulate a woman is not a great foundation for any relationship.

We must instead learn to love ourselves and appreciate who we are first and foremost and then perform an evokation to attract a suitable lover, or someone to fuck if that’s your intention and then leave it at that. This then takes the desperation out of the situation and also stops us trying to place all our eggs in one basket. The greatest love though is to love ourselves for when we can do this and get rid of all the things we don’t like about who we are then others will tend to follow and love us.


Once again, we usually acquire this goal when life imposes itself on us this way and we really NEED it. We also tend to set our sights on this one element specifically, which in my mind isn’t going to work as we are then just heading towards the ways and means to acquire other things.

Money is simply a means to an end, if I gave you a considerable sum of money and wired it to your bank account would it make any difference to your life? No it wouldn’t, it might make you feel better knowing you had all this but that’s irrelevant as it would still stay in your account until you decided to use it for something specific, like a new car (or that new chick your trying to impress lol).

What I’m trying to say here is to simply forget about money as this once again takes the desperation out of the situation and instead, head towards what you want, what you really love and you will then find the ways and means to acquire the money if that’s what it takes.

Many magicians will try and win the lottery but once again, I find this irrelevant as you are setting your sights on the ‘means’ rather than a true desire, not to mention the fact you are up against mass intention as millions of people on a weekly basis have the same intention as you so this puts the odds against us considerably more. That’s why the majority will never win like this as its nothing more than an act of desperation and emptiness in general, as money means nothing in the spiritual realm my friend for it is only credit in a material world so we can acquire something else with?

Women dont get turned on by looks alone.They like playfull flirting,phone sex and dirty talk.They get turned on by things you say and how you act.Its really strange.It takes women longer to get turned on and most guys stop pursuing because they dont understand .Example your watching a movie with a woman and you make a move and start passionatley kissing her and moving to her neck and groping her breasts,she probably will make an excuse to stop and watch the movie,then you try again with the same formula and she stops again,then usually around the third time she will kiss you grasp you tight and try to lead you to the bedroom.Because it takes women 15 to 30 minutes to get turned on enough to have sex.

From my perspective, wealth and true romance are the two areas that mundane means work much better than magick. But ironically, those are the two areas that most new magicians want to use magick for. Every task has its proper tool. Could you use a hammer to open a plastic package? Maybe. But why not just use a knife?

This is one of those things that make me glad to be gay. My boyfriend, or any random guy who I met at the club, are always ready to go. Sex is so easy to get when you’re gay.

Not trying to sound succeded but women rate me a 9 usally and the only rating i care aout is my wife lunagir a memeber here. so there usually on me. However if you above average looks your lust magic will work much more effeciently. goo luck and no luck to op whos gay and can get all the cock he wants. so u need no luck lol

Ive had some women tell me they cant get turned on unless they wrestle around and play fight.Women like kiddie games and cute things and you have to be able to listen and pay attention to their world.

The answer is simple. Everyone in their brain has a certain switch you must flip to turn them on sexually or otherwise. Most people its the same things, and some people have some kinks or a different flavor of play. Sometimes you can bypass the cultural norms with a different method, but then at that point one would have to work to change the person more permanently to make it stick (in other words they have a new switch to flip.).

Some random stream of consicousness about this topic.

One thing to note is that you are focusing your mind in a particular way… such that you say… “Why won’t _____ work?”, and couple this with what you call “an explosive rage”.

From one perspective this is a self imposed curse that you continually re-bind yourself with every time you think about it and feel like its not working, and feel bad about it.

So the thing is, if you can face up to that, is to apply the ‘let it go’ technique to this area of your life specifically. It’s like trying to build a sandcastle and complaining because the waves came in again.

The place you’re building the sand castle is as important as how you build it.

In other words move the shoreline of your emotional triggers to expand the ability to create your reality and not keep continually distracting yourself with what doesn’t work.

It seems like it’s a problem but it’s only a problem because you set it up that way in your mind.

Can you enjoy the frustration and rage, transmute it, use it as a battery to remove the blocks from the success you want.

The thing I’ve found is that knowledge really is power. Most of my spells that are used day to day are not much more than a combination of thoughts and intentions. Once I let it go, like launching a concept into the universe, it just kind of happens. It is that way for everyone. But knowing about the quantum fields and mental forces I have a leg up and I know how to use it. Those two things just seem to have a consciousness all their own. I can get a girl to notice me pretty easily by projecting a thought, but lately I have started to realize that I have no social skills… I can get them to notice me, but then I’m boring… LoL! Money comes. But in many different ways. Not usually actual money, but for example, my pot guy undersells everyone I’ve ever met. I am in a position to be like Dave chapelle in half baked. That being said, I think I’m just getting frustrated because I can’t maintain a steady flow with these things.

Just an idea of the day to day stuff I do is for one, invisibility magick. I haven’t gotten to the point of actual physical invisibility… To my knowledge, but then again no one says anything to me either way. All I do is project the concept of camouflage. Hiding in plain sight. It works exceptionally well on authority figures or generally aggressive people because, well… Jedi mind tricks are quite effective on the weak minded. I first create an idea of being hidden, then I intend it, of will it forward. Once I have pushed as much will into that intention as I can, I pull it down into the theta/gamma level and release it like a sling shot in a wave like pattern into the fields around me and that usually works with the most basic spells. It just takes a few moments of focus and POOF, no one will bother you for hours.

That’s interesting (no pun intended) - what makes you boring, do you think?

That’s interesting (no pun intended) - what makes you boring, do you think?[/quote]

I loathe pop culture.

I loathe what passes for entertainment. I have an IQ of 154. I am self initiated into the world of esoteric things for the same reason some people like video games. Because I like it.

The thing is, that’s all I want to talk about. I only recently started giving the ladies in my life any kind of sexual opening. And it’s working. But that’s all.they want to talk about. No depth. Perhaps my expectations are too up tight. I’ve been hearing a lot of “relax” coming from all around me. So if I could sum up the problem it’s that I am too focused on my work. I don’t enjoy what I could be enjoying.

Answer us simple. Allocate a time alot to stop enjoying occukt and start enjoying girls. Did you know that working with females is an important aspect of occult? Sex is important on many levels.

Women are psychologically different to men because there have 3 main conflicts and 2 very distinct coping strategies they use for each conflict.

Now, all women have the same conflicts, so that doesn’t really make them unique. The difference is in how women choose to deal with these strategies, that’s what places them into a certain character type. What is known however is that for each conflict a woman has two different choices of how she can deal with it. The way a woman chooses to manage these conflicts will therefore define her.

Conflict 1

She wants to find the right mate, but time is ticking. A woman will deal with the time conflict in two very different ways. This has to do with how many men a woman will date at the same time. She will either put a few guys on trial, to test them, and let them compete it out to see whose best in the long term. Or, will make a quicker decision, pick one of the first guys she thinks has potential and invest all of her time and energy to make him into the perfect boyfriend. So she is going to test several guys at once or invest in one guy with potential.

Conflict 2

Next we have the sexuality conflict. This is where women love the physical pleasure of sex, but there are a lot of social consequences of having sex. Like being judged or men not seeing her as marriage potential if she does it too soon. If you meet a girl you like, at some stage you’re going to want to have sex with her and this conflict explains what her mindset about sex is going to be like. Specifically what are the main reasons why she’s going to have sex with you and also how she is going to think about it.

She loves sex and the emotional bonding and physical pleasure she receives from it but sex has negative consequences like emotional trauma and societal judgment. She will deal with the sexual conflict in two different ways and this will depend on how big a deal sex is in her mind. She will either block it out and deny it has happened, or she will come up with reasons to Justify why it was ok.

Conflict 3

how she views her future especially in terms of her relationships and what is expected of her over her lifetime will also have a very important role in her life. Women are biologically designed to bear and raise children, she has strong maternal instincts but our society pressures her to be independent, self-sufficient, and work just as hard as men to develop her career.

This is very important because women will strongly favour one or the other, and this is important to us because this will be a key influence over what types of men she finds attractive. She will either be realistic and come up with a real solution for them, or maintain an ideal image of her future husband and kids.

Understanding these three dimensions and the two polar opposites will allow anyone to understand the nature of women better.

edit…(Please forgiven the slight dribble of information provided here, this is such a massive topic It would take far more than what I posted above to complete the knowledge on this. I hate to give incomplete data as this is what many are like but I sort of had no choice here…apologies)

Okay i have a thing to share here…

Well like you for the past few years i have had a really dry spell with women, seriously it was so bad that it was driving me insane, and making me even more desperate.

Anyhow, all it came down too was mainly my mindset, I had imprinted into my sub conscious that i must be no good for females, something must be wrong with me etc etc so that’s exactly what i got… no pussy.

I targeted and locked onto the problem and attacked it and have now changed things around 360 degrees and more like mr Casanova. Seriously i have more dates and phone numbers lined up to last me a lifetime… pussy is no longer a problem I get a lot of hot chicks. Seriously i have never had pussy like this in my entire life, but getting to the root of it changed me completely, I’m like a new man. Even people who know me cant believe it.

Anyhow here’s a few things that helped me…

  1. Created and charged a sigil to find my perfect girl/partner

  2. Kept repeating in my head that song that goes" i get all the girls i get all the girls" even now i still hum and sing this song to myself.

  3. Learning about dating and how to be with women in general… think 50 shades of grey. Learn seduction etc become a mysterious to women.

  4. Work on other things that boost your confidence, become financially free… workout get some muscle. etc

  5. Visualization exercises of how i wanted things to be, imagine it being real and feel the emotion that it brings really really feel it as if what you want is happening right now.

That’s pretty much all i did.

[quote=“Rygill-85, post:14, topic:7106”]I loathe pop culture.

I loathe what passes for entertainment. I have an IQ of 154. I am self initiated into the world of esoteric things for the same reason some people like video games. Because I like it.[/quote]

You sound pretty damned perfect to me! :wink:

That made me wonder, where are you going to meet girls - airheads tend to hang out in bars, clubs, places like that, the girls you want to meet are probably in Museums or art galleries or attending yoga classes, reiki workshops, or other spirituality trainings.

The lighter and more healing-oriented stuff, at least in the UK, has a primarily female market, most classes will only have a couple of men attending.

I don’t think you can skim the surface of the usual muggle meeting-grounds and have much chance of finding your spiritual Empress tucked away behind the superficial stuff.

Also, the more people you meet in general, the more chance they’ll introduce you to their friends, which is how I met my sweetie, and since he’s not usually a social person, it’s unlikely that I’d have met him if I’d set my intention to “go out and meet men” so that’s another thing - and deliberately widening your social circle will help a little with the over-intensity that’s making people tell you to relax a bit.

And I do wonder as well what physical type/s you’re attracted to? Because if the look you go for is usually adopted by airheads, then you might want to think about widening your net a little.

Make sure you’re not thinking at all like those guys who want a peroxide blonde with a 42DD - 22" - 34" figure, yet who isn’t “high-maintenance” - not gonna happen! :wink:

I’m not saying you’re like that, but people generally give away a lot of who they are “on the label,” i.e., their clothing and so on.

If the look you like screams “bimbo” then that’s probably all that’s inside! :wink:

The thing is, that's all I want to talk about.

Maybe that’s something you could work on as well - anyone at all with only one topic of conversation or one interest rapidly becomes boring, and if you meet someone with that same single-pointed intensity, you’ll probably only end up arguing about differences in belief or UPG or whatever.

I know in the “pick-up artist” world they call an interest in astrology, and the ability to read Tarot (or convincingly fake both) “chick crack” because in general, even muggle women tend to be into that stuff, on a superficial level, so that indicates that not all women are going to be freaked out by this.

I don’t know how you rate your Tarot skills, but could you maybe work up a set of 3 classes, and find a bookshop, coffee bar or somewhere public that you can use for free, and advertise you give lessons?

Not to specifically skim off the sexiest of the women who attend, just to get out there and meet more people with these niche interests.

I only recently started giving the ladies in my life any kind of sexual opening. And it's working. But that's all.they want to talk about. No depth. Perhaps my expectations are too up tight. I've been hearing a lot of "relax" coming from all around me. So if I could sum up the problem it's that I am too focused on my work. I don't enjoy what I could be enjoying.

Just going by your post, which I was thinking about last night, that seems reasonable, and also I think you’re maybe not meeting the right people, so making a conscious effort to get involved in less shallow kinds of scenes would be good, I mean the people I know don’t obsess about X-Factor or whatever the current pop culture thing is, but neither would you meet any of us in a nightclub or bar.

Hope this doesn’t come across as judgemental or anything, I spent ages meeting the wrong guys and being really unhappy and a lot of that was because I was with the wrong people and attracted to the wrong types, and now I’m happy when there were times I thought I never would be, so I want that for everyone! :slight_smile:

Make sure you’re not thinking at all like those guys who want a peroxide blonde with a 42DD - 22" - 34" figure, yet who isn’t “high-maintenance” - not gonna happen! :wink:

Not always true. You either have to have good pickup artist skills, or you havr to be one of those lucky few that somehow vibew the right way…does or says the right things and somehow hits her good in all the right ways. Not to be disagreeable…but Society in general wants you to believe certain things to Court/Date and Have sex with Women…Ll because it naturally makes them alot of Money and richer. Naturally women will go along with and eat this up because they have dollar bills or whatever in their eyes as well as it fits them to go along with it.

Thats why my interests are focused mostly on the Unconventional routes of obtaining not just women but anything. Now of course, I dont need to be told how to act like a normal person like someone whom hangs at bars. I can easily do that for Free, without any special coaches or aids.

We might have crossed wires here? :slight_smile:

I was saying that those kinds of looks are usually the result of strict diets and a ton of cosmetics, haircare, beauty treatments etc., maybe even surgery, so men who want that look in their lady friend (and nothing wrong with it!) aren’t going to get a low-maintenance tomboy who’s happy eating burgers and never checks the mirror.