Why the Elite do blood sacrifices?

Why does the elite make blood sacrifices?
How do sacrifices work?
Who are they dedicated to?
Is magic dangerous or more powerful when practicing with sacrifices?

I am uninformed of this topic, I would appreciate your help, thank you!

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Who says they do? Xians?

Damn. You sure are I uninformed.

But seriously, they don’t. And even if they did, it is quite irrelevant.


Define “elite”.

Your question implies that they ALL (who are “they” again?) do blood sacrifices. It’s highly doubtful that “they” all are involved in the occult to begin with.

How sacrifices work and who they are dedicated to depends on the branch of magick, religion, creed, culture, context, etc, and the individual practitioner. Also, sacrifices (or offerings, for that matter) come in many forms, and blood isn’t always required, not by a long shot.

If you want to inform yourself some more, please use the search function. This forum is not about internet conspiracy theories and Illuminati bs.


With elite I mean the governments or those above, those who supposedly control us and all that, thanks for the answers, of course I look for information, that’s why I opened this topic and asked the questions besides reading other posts, but if I offended by asking, a sincere apology for you

Conspiracy theories. If you come across David Icke or Alex Jones during your research, my advice is to ignore them. Just saying. I’m not offended btw, we’re here to help, but the search function offers some useful info, I’m sure.


You can attain power without them, what needs to be sacrificed to do it is your limited concept of self.

It’s neither more nor less innately powerful to sacrifice, but be aware there are beings who hunt those who harm children, and there may soon be some kind of hellstorm gathering for those who intentionally torture animals, as well.

Read this to comprehend how to sacrifice your limited concept of self:

The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

“Elites” etc., I may be more on the same page with you than with @Lux_Tenebris , insofar as the things I’ve seen, however remember they only possessed anything while the knowledge of magick was hidden from the common person.

Those days are over, one doesn’t need to be a Nth degree Mason to know what the chequered floor and pillars are, etc. See this: Common Experiences Among Magicians

The world changes: we are all mostly literate now, we have clean water (or at least the basic awareness of why it’s important), we have internet, TV etc., things no King of a mighty Empire could dream of 300 years ago :+1:

The best success is to level up, not to tear down others while remaining “inferior.”


Thank you very much I will continue learning, just yesterday I joined the forum, so I am a newbie but there we go on the road


I’m not saying the rumors are all unfounded, but one needs to be very careful when considering where many of these “the Illuminati Elite and their evil Luciferian agenda” type of theories come from.



Wow what a great reply!
Thank you very much, of course I will read about this, it is good to know all this information, thank you very much Eva! :smiley:


There is no real elite–that’s an illusion of consciousness. Know thyself.
Still, within what one calls “normal”, the elite don’t necessarily do these things. Where did you get this idea. Some elites might but then so might any other group of people.
Who someone is dedicated to is a very individual question. Ultimately, everyone and everything is an aspect of The All and is thus dedicated only to The All. At the level of the individual, whether they realise/acknowledge it or not, everyone is dedicated to themselves.
Magic is as safe or dangerous as your state of consciousness, nothing more nothing less.


I mean, I use blood.
Because it works.


How you use the blood?

As an offering?
I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here.


Magic -even in its simplest ways- guides to the path of freedom. Through the process of self exploration. This is how I see it.

No room for Elites.

And be careful with all these misinformation spread around the net.


If it was true that such beings existed(Who hunt those who harm children.), the elite pedophiles wouldn’t be raping kids like they are doing now,The Vatican gets away with this shit on the daily. Jeffrey Epstein was only the tip of the iceberg, So I ask you, where are such beings now? Do not take offense to this, this is just a question.


1- they aren’t sacrifices, they are offerings. Blood offerings pull entities in really really fast…
A sacrifice is when u give up something…one can say they are giving up their humanity but i call bs because to murder, kill for gain is human…

2- they dont require u to physically slay someone…A deathspell fueled by the purpose of the dead being used as an offering to such and such is not only an effective means to pick someone off, its highly economical in fueling larger workings.

3- Who do u want to dedicate it to? Some do it to petition gods…My idea is that people who use humans for bargaining chips do it to become gods…more than one way to self deification…Imagine if someone sacrifices a billion souls to him or her self(offers) . If the person knows how to tap it , the power gained in theory would be absurdly beyond anything I’ve seen.

More powerful yes…danger depends on who or what ur sacrificing them to…

Note I never once said the word elite…im sure there are practitioners who delve in the taboo of all walks of life, poor to mega wealthy who indulge such grim delights.

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20 years the idea this was happening was considered a conspiracy theory, now it’s common knowledge, lawsuits are flying, and institutions who fostered or tolerated it are paying the price. And that’s just on the mundane levels.


the only beings who will help are human beings. It’s not their war, for thats the human race’s problem…It strikes me as somewhat naive when ppl claim the entities hate those who violate certain human principles…And so your point’s a good one, but why should they care? It ain’t just the elite doing that stuff…Human malady that will exist as long as humans do…The unspeakable horror is in the theatre of the collective unconscious, and like all other ills, and blessings, will resurface until we are extinct (which will be soon) …

Then again, equally naive is the notion there’s some ascent or evolution the entities want to “help” us achieve…i call bs…

So if it ails u, u make the magick to hunt such vile ones…or u find a way, or u don’t , either way it wont stop anything…The specie’s collective heart stops…so to will the human made tragedy.

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Because they are weak and lack abundance of the mind

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The elite make blood sacrifices usually of young children and babies in rituals of aeonic sorcery or macroscopic alchemy for many reasons, i think some of the main ones you would be thinking of would be: the amount of energy released when sacrificing a child is massive and especially when they harvest the adrenochrome too, children are easily available to them as so many go missing every year from orphanages and other places or the police will just find them and sell them to people involved higher up which is really easy for them to cover up, morally they see them like valuable objects like finding stolen gold.
It all links in to the news, politcs and media etc behind every news story pretty much all of which is fake or if there is any truth in them it is twisted with propaganda to mean something else, if you were to decode the news and view the code words and gematria contained within you can see the general ideas they are trying to accomplish with these “spells” be it general mind control or massive politcal and economic change which is often done through the fake terrorist attacks all the time as an obvious example. So behind some of these news stories will be a ritual involving child sacrifice to make sure the outcome they want is manifested like that politician they want in power or to be able to cover up a massive crime. Then, one news story and ritual at a time they are controling our society and everyone who believes the mainsteam media.
Yes its obviously more dangerous children die and it is way more powerful. just using blood or animal sacrifces makes rituals more powerful but human children is way way more than that. Im not sure what god they make the sacrifices to yet or if its certain people or if they created their own god. Its really sick but at the same time its happening all the time and people need to know, the final link that is fully known to this is the scottish rite of free masonry as they control the media to brain wash and mind control the masses using magic every day all you need is some occult knowledge and to be able to read a newspaper and you can figure out how they do it. i suspect they have masons higher up doing these sacrifices to boost the important stories they need people to believe by supplying the spell with loads of energy through these child sacrifices. This is how they manifest the reality we see all across the world, all these “conspiracies” we see are never fully explained by these “crazy people” as they are acts of magic and most people could never understand it, if a conspiracy theorist told the full truth barely anyone at all would believe them and they would probably be killed pretty quickly. I just woke up so i could of explained it better but a sentence which explains all this to me and how they get away with it all, is “if you make a lie big enough and rediculous enough, you can get away with anything because its just too crazy for the uninitiated to ever believe or for them to believe without thinking they are insane or being treated as if they are insane by most of society” Many truthers or conspiracy theorists if you prefer end up permanently locked in psych wards or just shot in the back of the head like bill cooper others are bought out then controlled. They even have many of their own conspircy theorists spreading false information to trap and deceive those getting close to the truth. There are no individuals with the full answer as the truth is so hard to find, hidden and compartmentalised among different groups with their lives invested in the outcome, all we can do is take pieces of truth from each truther and try to put the jigsaw that is reality together again.