Why some people are impervious to spiritual manifestations

I have always wondered why many people are not touched by spiritual manifestations. Like, they do not even believe in spirituality and claim to have never experienced anything spiritual. What could be the blockages in those people that keep them so impervious to spirituality?
Any thoughts?

Their belief.

Spiritual manifestations are dependent on the perceptions of the people experiencing them, and what a person perceives is dependent on their views and beliefs about the world.

As magicians, we know that what we believe greatly impacts what we experience. It is called confirmation bias in psychology circles. If you think the world is an evil, scary, place, then you will experience even positive or neutral events through that lens. If you think the world is alright, and people are inherently good, you will experience events through that lens.

The human mind is great at justifying whatever ridiculous beliefs are held within it. If someone doesn’t believe in the “spiritual,” then any such phenomena they experience will simply be written off as a delusion or hallucination, because it is well known that the mind can and will play tricks on itself.

i think people see spiritual manifestations every day; they just don’t recognize them as such.


With some it is literally a genetic disorder that blocks or dulls any energetic or mental effect upon them. The in a sense the connections between the physical and astral body are dulled and deadened in some places the conflict creates atrophy as well. In some cases it is so severe they emit an aura the weakens magick and mental projection near them basically more or less walking dead zones. These people usually end up being particularly unpleasant to be around and age rapidly.
I say it is genetic because my stepfather is one such person and it takes incredible effort to directly affect him beyond what would be needed for any other person and multiple people through his family display the same traits in varying levels usually running in direct lines of inheritance. None of them are particularly healthy either being cut off from the astral like that.

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Great point. Now, how would you explain a 5 year old child experiencing spiritual activity even if they don’t even know what spirituality is? Could it be social conditioning, or that children are naturally open to manifestations?


Wow, never thought about it in genetic terms, very interesting. Yeah, I’ve seen some people who act and live almost like walking dead, lol.


Children naturally perceive things adult don’t. Their minds are wide open to all sorts of input from their environment. They don’t cling to fixed ideas about the “way things are.” That’s why a child can go from bawling their eyes out over a boo boo to smiling and jumping around in the span of a few minutes. They live in the Now almost constantly, and have no concept of past or future.

Their perceptions begin to close down when they learn about what is socially acceptable by other people, particularly their parents and peer group, and the concepts of past and future get adopted. They no longer live in the Now, and begin to dwell in memory, holding on to hurts and grievances. They no longer experience the world, but simply begin to exist in it.


‘They experience the world, but simply begin to exist in it.‘
Perfect way to put it. I started having spiritual awareness spontaneously as a child and at some point it became overwhelming to me so I shut it off. I would have premonitory dreams, insights into the future, hearing and sensing spirits, being attacked, etc. Thankfully when I matured I started to understand things and decided to open myself up again.


People beleive what they want to beleive, be it a child or adult. Social conditioning or religious beliefs all play a part. Obviously if you doubt everything and are cynical in nature you won’t belive in spiritual activity as it does not exist in your mind.

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I can fully agree about that. It is dependent on our perceptions.

On that I partially agree. There’s something called Cultural Relativism and it means:

In a spiritual sense, the idea of “cultural relativism” makes sense, but if we add that on a human to human point of view, reflecting that idea as a lifestyle of a backpacker or tourist, the risk of getting in trouble is quite big. You know that we talked about these Scandinavian backpackers that got killed in Marocco, right? It’s a shocking event in many ways. Horrifying. If only these two women had made their research, and maybe not being too naive, they could have avoided that place and still being alive today. Some places in the world is too dangerous.

I might have been a bit off topic, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about these two Scandinavian women, because I live there myself.

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Ok, I agree with all that’s been said here. But since everything is so relative and subjective, how can a magician know for sure that what they do and perceive is actually happening?

Maybe with the thought that “the first time might be coincidental, but not the second, third or fourth time”. If your experience is consistent, something must definitely happening, right?


In addition, magicans can see the experinces and success of other magicans too. So they think “I cant be the only one who perceives unreal things. Something is happening”


Yes, that is true. Patterns form. Premonitions happen, etc. The only thing is that you probably cannot ‘transfer’ or communicate the experience to someone else because it’s something more internal or because they don’t get to experience your experience :thinking:

In my case, when someone shares a spiritual experience with me I believe them.

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