Why should I live in heaven or hell?

I want to fly in different daminations why should should I be locked in this restrictive rules of religion, I want freedom, to soul travel and seek knowledge fuck heaven and fuck hell… they are both prison


Same here, after my death I want to be free to go wherever I want and never reincarnate.


Oh I want to reincarnate with full memory.
It will be hell as a child having my education but I will be manipulating everyone anyway.
I cast soul travel when I want.


just a mere symbolic answer.

Heaven / Hell is as real as you decide it to be.
Practice going beyong both.
Practice to actually go into the universe,
not just our limited Little world here.

rather quickly,
you may find,
that you actually have to ability to do These travels.

It sometimes Comes challanging onto our perception, to go to something yet unknown.
Therefore, those who actually seek Control over their various incarnations, Train themselves in Dying / Traveling out of their own Body and even into other Bodys, while they are alive.

However, there is stages between Life and reincarnation. Here in the Video it’s slightly adressed.
The more These stages are expierienced, and learned, the more difficult it can be to live trapped in just one saddle embodyment.

yet, it’s our nature for as Long as we attach ourselves to our mortal Body.

Of Course, it doesn’t have to be your Limitation.

Projecting inside of a Vulcano gives a very distinct understanding (-yet false, but distinct), of what the bible and history describes as Hell.

In my personal Pagan System, Hel is rather different. It’s completly cold and dark.
For the very simple reason, of refering to the Earth - Crust, from which we grind Stones and our flowers grow.
Where we burry the dead,
and new life is recycled.

The Egypt had a very clear System of not just understanding there is several other planets around us, but also utulizing them.
Pyramids are said to be graves, said to be temples of interstellar travel, said to be tombs for godly bodies to rest for their reincarnation.
There’s been plenty of cults, where for the afterlife, humans took their goods and Followers with them, upon their death.
And did that, to actually go Forward into their percieved next stage.
Many of the Spirits we work with, wouldn’t exist without These practises.
Nor would they work along with us.

However, i like the Monk Approach a lot.
Since actually, it is very clearly, that Spirits do vary in their powers and abilities.
And some will just not allow an outside force,
to dictate their Actions.

Just the same way, in a Company Problems grow huge, when there is several bosses, teaching the Course but to less People actually doing the work.

See, most People know very good about death.
But few, actually challange These Knowledge and seek going further.

while actually death gave life to anything being here on our earth today.
(well, as far as i’ve gotten to understand it. :wink: )




Very very informative points thx for sharing that that’s awesome :smile:

After I die I’d like some R&R in Hell before reincarnating so as to continue fighting on the ground. But Hell would be great. I couldn’t exist with creepy old numb-nuts and his psychopathic daddy. And imagine just how horrid it would be, trapped with no escape in Heaven for eternity – with all those gormless turds.

‘Yet even now I do not know what lies ahead.
Now is My time to seek the glory of My Goddesses and My Gods,
That I may one day walk with Satan, in His world, with His Bride.
That I may become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind.
The mortal which must die that a God may be born!
Hail Satan!’


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reincarnating a couple times and retaining my memories from past lives is what I would want. Eventually when I feel like i’ve learned enough I would like to stop incarnating and travel the different planes of existence.

Personally, I’m banking on becoming a relatively powerful spirit in death. Then after a few decades I’d let go and drift off into the sweet embrace of peaceful oblivion.

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