Why Shiva Brings Bad Luck!

I wrote about this so I was soooo right you guys need to start talking as to how not to fuck ourselves like little kids playing with fire saying touch it touch it it is cool! I found this about shiva in the oldest verdic text we allways need to find the oldest one!!!

Shiva in the Vedic texts

In three hymns of the Rigveda, Shiva is portrayed as the fearful and vengeful Rudra and is also labeled as the god of sickness, disease, death, destruction, and calamity. This invoked fear amongst the Vedic people, and they thought that the best way to avoid trouble from such a fearful candidate was to appease him as only Rudra can save them from the wrath of Rudra. In order to avoid pregnancy problems, harms, death, the death of heroes in their wars, they implored him.


This is my kind of humor, posting this in a forum where most people work with entities known for causing terrible damage, often for terrible purposes, is the best meme ever


That is actually one of the reasons to work with an entity of destruction. It follows the principle of polarity in heremticism, which is the basis for a lot of western ceremonial magic. Spirits that can help cause something can also help to prevent it.


this is a folow up on my experience with listening to shiva mantra on youtube about shiva
which aftherwords for a few days I had bad luck multiple days and saw the dastor of angra maynu have a painting of him before he god in a wheel chair. I know many beings and for those purposes to but I do not do these things for nothing

yes I copied it from a blog I know people work with him just please say he is a more dangerous

Yes, he can be, just like any spirit can. It is the risk of rolling the dice. I have only had brief experiences with Shiva, who helped me destroy a cycle that needed to end, but I got the impression that he is much like Pazuzu. He will get the job done, but it may not be how you expected it.


I went through some of your post history and it seems that any time you work with anything other than RHP, you seem to have issues crop up. Did I misunderstand?

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The simple version is Shiva is one of the 3 major forces in the older vedic tradtion.
The 3 being.
Bramah the creator
Vishnu the preserver
And Shiva the destroyer/ transformer depending on what translation your reading. Both apply and both are correct.

If you Choose to work with a god of transformation and destruction expect a bit of upheaval. Transformation cannot occur until “that which is” has been destroyed to make way for “that which is desired” it is a basic function of the process.

This process is seen within life and it’s various functions.
It happens when you eat.
It happen when your body repairs itself.
It happens when energy is expended in any form.
As energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed.

To better understand why something happened when you worked with a specific force, be it a raw energy that had been evoked/ invoked or a spirit. It is best to understand the nature of what your working with so you at least have an idea of how it will manifest in your life.

As an example you could preform a money ritual with various elements, planets or spirits and every one of them would manifest in your life in a different manner due to the different natures of each even though the goal is the same.


well Some hindu gods also

At this point, I’m going to consider this trolling. Best of luck.

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Stop listening to audios from youtube, they are messed up

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If you gonna work with an entity. Do your homework about them and research. beginners are too fuking lazy or use common sense to do their research about safety. they just seem to jump into the deep end of the pool. Then they complain when they have problems. Own up to your own actions. that’s why you dont do what others say to do on youtube or anywhere else. you do research and get background info and understand the magicik subject first.

And you don’t go around fighting dragons when you can’t even fight a rabbit. lol


I was close with Shiva last year, no bad luck but I know he kickstarted the transformation path I’m on right now.

He is both the benevolent and the terrible. His Rudra form is like wild fire but he does not senselessly kill. He’s a nice God and a powerful ally. I’ve also seen his Kal Bahirav form twice in dreams and to be honest it was intense yet rather beautiful and empowering.

All deities have darker aspects too. Vishnu can be pretty terrifying against malicious entities. I’ve been working with Bast lately and she has a very dark and seductive energy to her while Sekhmet has a grounded and calm energy to her. So yeah deities can be confusing.


a destruction deity but he removes you obstacles and helps you tremendicly in you ascent


Well I was wrong in this post

Nah we all have different experiences with deities.

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